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3 John 1 vs 4

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my chil­dren are walk­ing in the truth.”

We all have that one scrip­ture that has car­ried us along; it has been there for us dur­ing our best mo­ments and at our weak­est and most dif­fi­cult times. The Bi­ble says: “train up a child in the ways of the Lord and when he has grown he will not de­part from them.”

When I read this par­tic­u­lar verse it spoke to me, my un­der­stand­ing of it was that if you teach a child the ways of the fa­ther he will al­ways re­mem­ber them. At some stage this same verse has ap­plied for me in the work set­ting; when you are deal­ing with a lack of conformity from sub­or­di­nates be­cause of a lack of knowl­edge, the an­swer lies in train­ing and teach­ing them. When they have been taught cer­tain prin­ci­ples, peo­ple will al­ways re­vert back to what they have been schooled.

A friend of mine had to make a ma­jor de­ci­sion, and as we spoke he shared a verse that he had been taught at school with me. This verse is so full of mean­ing, it’s as if all those years ago when the teacher taught him to re­mem­ber and re­cite it, she knew that one day it would come in handy.

We never quite have enough time to re­flect on our child­hood but when we do, we can clearly see a pat­tern of the Lord speak­ing to us. We can clearly hear His voice in the form of the scrip­tures He places in our hands and at our dis­posal. Th­ese scrip­tures speak into our lives when we face dif­fer­ent cir­cum­stances, whether we are fac­ing chal­lenges or cel­e­brat­ing vic­tory.

God clearly knew as we went through the steps of growth that one day my child will need to lean on this scrip­ture and that the teach­ing would be for a time such as this. Look closely at where you have come from, re­mem­ber clearly your child­hood Chris­tian ex­pe­ri­ence when ev­ery­thing you were taught was an idyl­lic con­cept that had not been tried or tested.

Do you re­mem­ber the songs you used to sing? Take a minute to re­mem­ber some of your fa­vorite hymns and the lyrics that stuck with you. Ev­ery sin­gle en­counter and ev­ery recital was prepa­ra­tion for the life you would lead and the chal­lenges you would face. Only when con­fronted by life’s cir­cum­stances can you clearly see the hand of the Lord in pre­par­ing you for this day.

Such is the God we serve, He sees ahead of us. Take time to know Him, read and search the scrip­tures but also make the time to go back to ev­ery­thing you were taught when you were young. As you re­call, you will re­al­ize that ev­ery­thing is filled with mean­ing and wis­dom.

Some of the great­est lessons in your life that you uti­lize ev­ery day, you en­coun­tered for a pur­pose, it was not a co­in­ci­dence. We have the an­swers to the sit­u­a­tions we face yet when con­fronted by is­sues we some­times for­get that what we see to­day are things that we were taught about and pre­pared for.

My friend shared Isa­iah 40 verse 31 with me, he used to re­cite this verse at school, it was the school’s mantra. As I looked at where my friend is to­day, I could see the divine hand that had pro­vided for the chal­lenges of to­day by clearly plac­ing th­ese word in his heart.

God is all see­ing and all en­com­pass­ing. Is there a verse you re­call from your child­hood? Maybe it’s ex­actly what you need to get through your is­sues to­day or you need to share it with some­one who needs to hear it. Af­ter all, God had long seen that to­day would come and He pre­pared a mes­sage just for you to help you through your or­deal.

Em­brace the scrip­ture, med­i­tate on it and re­mem­ber the lessons from your child­hood, you learnt them for a rea­son.

Be blessed

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