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TO all who are sit­ting for the Novem­ber ex­ams read like ma­ni­acs so as to pass. — Bekithemba Dube, Cow­dray Park

FIRST, Barry Daka was left be­hind for the Olympics. Af­ter all the work he had done with Mlauzi. Mlauzi as young as he is, goes on to cel­e­brate los­ing. No mat­ter how ill-pre­pared you may be, no se­ri­ous sportsper­son can cel­e­brate los­ing. The war of lib­er­a­tion was won by peo­ple who could go for days with­out food against he­li­copters etc. be­cause they had lead­ers who led by ex­am­ple. How can you leave a win­ning ad­vi­sor and ex­pect to win? Who was ad­vis­ing Mlauzi? Sec­ondly: We have a pen­ni­less PSL team that goes to hire an ex­pen­sive coach in a league that pays cham­pi­ons less that $100 000. Af­ter all, how many of those Soweto fans read news­pa­pers? Why not use loud speak­ers be­fore the game, at half time and af­ter to warn hooli­gans or even to tell them about the cards. Ndu­miso Gumede do you know that some fans do not even know where the Bosso of­fices are? Thirdly: I think it is bet­ter to play “with­out ref­er­ees” or hire them from neigh­bour­ing coun­tries. — E Sib­hawu

THANKS to Kwese Sport for the cov­er­age of sports, es­pe­cially the cur­rent Rio 2016, Olympics plus the 2016/17 EPL sea­son. — Love­more Kashawo. Harare

VERY im­por­tant for the windy Au­gust’s tips. En­sure 9 me­tre long fire guards are in­tact and clean to avoid veld fires from spread­ing. — Love­more Kashawo.

NOW that Joice Mu­juru has come out in the open, his­tory will judge her for the two-timer that she is. If any­one doubted Zanu-PF’s wis­dom in purg­ing Gam­a­tox and Bhora Mu­sango ele­ments, they have another think com­ing. The only thing to blame Zanu-PF for is that they did not boot out Mu­juru and her co-con­spir­a­tors ear­lier. How can a whole vice pres­i­dent sup with Western­spon­sored en­e­mies of the peo­ple when she is sup­posed to be serv­ing na­tional in­ter­ests? — Chrispen.Harare

OP­PO­SI­TION sym­pa­this­ers will say all sorts of things against Zanu-PF but they will never blame the West­ern sanc­tions in­vited by the stooge party, MDC-T, which has caused suf­fer­ing. Sanc­tions are the ma­jor cause of our eco­nomic prob­lems! Some politi­cians are bare­footed soldiers of the West­ern axis of evil which sows discord in the third world for its own ben­e­fits. — Prof Muzvina­vanhu.

ALL that Evan Mawarire did was cry in front of world me­dia and get a ticket to the USA. Mean­while youths are swelling Zanu-PF ranks en­sur­ing that the legacy of the lib­er­a­tion strug­gle is kept alive. We fought West­ern im­pe­ri­al­ism and it is folly for any Zim­bab­weans to be­lieve the West has our in­ter­est at heart now. Libyans fool­ishly thought the same and look at where they are! Iraqis were equally gullible and fool­ish. — Hu­run­gudo, Harare.

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