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BU­L­AWAYO, Fri­day, Au­gust 19, 1966 — Rhode­sian teenagers, grow­ing tired of the mild kick of dag­gasmok­ing, are now turn­ing to the pow­er­ful and dan­ger­ous “pep pill” habit in a search for more “lift” and greater thrills.

Drug ad­dic­tion, so rife in Bri­tain and Amer­ica, has now a firm grip on some sec­tions of our youths, es­pe­cially in Bu­l­awayo and Salisbury. Grow­ing con­cern about this sud­den switch to these pow­er­ful stim­u­lants by Bu­l­awayo and Salisbury youth has been ex­pressed by a so­cial wel­fare of­fi­cial and a prom­i­nent psy­chi­a­trist.

Even more star­tling is the ex­pe­ri­ence of a 19-year-old drug ad­dict, who has vol­un­teered this in­for­ma­tion to help other drug tak­ers re­alise the folly of their ac­tions. He left Bu­l­awayo in March to start a new job in Salisbury.

When he left he was the same as any nor­mal Rhode­sian youth. Now he is back in Bu­l­awayo at the Ner­vous Dis­or­ders Hospi­tal, un­der­go­ing treat­ment for his ad­dic­tion. He is one of the com­par­a­tively lucky ones. He had the sense to re­alise what he was be­com­ing, and he is at the hospi­tal of his own ac­cord.

With luck and per­se­ver­ance he will soon be on his way to re­cov­ery. I asked this youth to tell me some­thing about the “pot scene” (drug tak­ing) in this coun­try.

“It’s get­ting re­ally bad,” he said. “Guys who have been smok­ing junk (dagga) for years are now tak­ing to the hard stuff ”.

Dagga by it self is con­sid­ered non-ad­dic­tive. The hard stuff ” is now the “in” thing-pills from am­phet­a­mine fam­ily of stim­u­lants. How did he come to start tak­ing nar­cotics? “Its the usual story, I did it for kicks. A lot of peo­ple I met were on the habit, so I de­cided to try some my­self.

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