$1 600 loot hooker freed

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A PROS­TI­TUTE who looted prop­erty worth $1 688 from a se­nior Gov­ern­ment of­fi­cial af­ter his fail­ure to pay her for sex ser­vices ren­dered fol­low­ing a romp at his mat­ri­mo­nial home in Bulawayo, has been ac­quit­ted.

Itai Muzambi, who took the goods from Ray­mond Nyan­doro, a prin­ci­pal town plan­ning of­fi­cer in the Min­istry of Lo­cal Gov­ern­ment, Pub­lic Works and Na­tional Hous­ing sta­tioned at Mh­lahlandlela of­fices in the city, was yes­ter­day ac­quit­ted of un­law­ful en­try and theft charges.

Muzambi charged Nyan­doro $25 for a night of plea­sure be­fore the two pro­ceeded to the man’s house in Brad­field sub­urb af­ter al­legedly hook­ing up at Pub Lagon­dola on July 27.

Af­ter fail­ing to pay, Nyan­doro al­legedly in­vited Muzambi to take any­thing she wanted from the house.

She took a Plasma TV, DVD, lap­top, blan­kets, two cell­phones, a com­forter, men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, a wrist watch, suit­case, a Ken­wood speaker, 3kg of meat and a gas stove in­clud­ing its ca­bles and tanks.

Bulawayo mag­is­trate Miss Char­ity Maphosa, in pass­ing judg­ment, said there was no ev­i­dence in­crim­i­nat­ing Muzambi.

She said Nyan­doro, in his tes­ti­mony, kept telling the court that he could not re­mem­ber any­thing that had tran­spired that night. “Ac­cord­ing to the ev­i­dence pro­duced in this court, it was only the com­plainant and the ac­cused present in the house at the time of com­mis­sion of the of­fence. The ac­cused gave her de­fence out­line stat­ing that she felt she de­served the prop­erty she was told to take be­cause she thought she had out done the ser­vices ex­pected of her,” said Miss Maphosa. She added: “Com­plainant said he only re­mem­bers tak­ing a taxi from the city cen­tre to his home. He clearly stated that he did not re­mem­ber any­thing else that hap­pened af­ter that. Judg­ing from that state­ment, ac­cused per­son can be given the ben­e­fit of doubt that she was in­deed in­vited to take any­thing she wanted.” Miss Maphosa said the in­ves­ti­gat­ing of­fi­cer pointed out that there was no ev­i­dence that the door to Nyan­doro’s house was forced open from the out­side thereby dis­qual­i­fy­ing a charge of un­law­ful en­try. “It was proved that com­plainant granted ac­cused en­trance into his house. Her sec­ond com­ing af­ter get­ting a taxi from town can be jus­ti­fied be­cause she needed trans­port to ferry the prop­erty that had been given to her by the com­plainant,” she said. “Com­plainant failed to ex­plain to the court what ex­actly hap­pened on the night his prop­erty was looted. How­ever, con­sid­er­ing the amount that ac­cused had charged for her ser­vices and the amount of prop­erty that she looted, there is a great dif­fer­ence. Ac­cused is hereby or­dered to re­turn all the prop­erty to com­plainant and if she feels like she still needs her money then the two of them will have to make ar­range­ments.”— @tan­nytkay.

Itai Muzambi

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