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VEN­DORS have a right to de­mand resti­tu­tion for the de­struc­tion of their wares by op­po­si­tion ac­tivists. Which right-think­ing and peo­ple-lov­ing po­lit­i­cal party burns the liveli­hoods of the very peo­ple it wants votes from? — Aaron Jinga, Masvingo.

MANY are mourn­ing in South Africa af­ter the col­lapse of ponzi schemes. Peo­ple must take heed of RBZ gover­nor Dr John Man­gudya’s warn­ing and stay away from this hoax. Thanks to the gover­nor for com­mu­ni­cat­ing the dan­gers to the peo­ple. — Mu­joni, SA

A BAL­ANCE has to be made be­tween the rights of demon­stra­tors and non-demon­stra­tors, who want to do their busi­ness peace­fully with­out their shops and stalls be­ing looted and ve­hi­cles be­ing at­tacked. Where those who or­gan­ise demon­stra­tions fail to en­sure peace then any court judg­ment in their favour be­comes legally com­pro­mised and un­sus­tain­able. Is the law blind to the rights of those whose prop­er­ties are de­stroyed by the lu­natic fringe? — Prof Mzvina­vanhu.

I DO not see any prob­lem with prophets beat­ing the bell of pros­per­ity be­cause we all want a good life. How­ever, I do not see why this should be the prin­ci­pal busi­ness of our preach­ers. There are many ways of mak­ing money with­out go­ing to church and many peo­ple on Forbes’ rich-list are not even Chris­tian. Preach­ers must cham­pion right­eous­ness be­cause that is what sets the church apart. Mak­ing pros­per­ity the main agenda rel­e­gates God to one of many al­ter­na­tives. — Mu­sora waN­zomba.

MDC-T and Peo­ple First burn ven­dors’ stalls to get ap­plause from the im­pe­ri­al­ists. This is done in the name of democ­racy yet we see the op­po­si­tion vi­o­lat­ing prop­erty rights and de­stroy­ing liveli­hoods. Come elec­tion, they will be ask­ing the same ven­dors and their fam­i­lies in Harare and in ru­ral ar­eas to vote for them. Clue­less politi­cians dig their own graves. — Baba Eric, Harare.

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