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Ro­mans 8 vs 28

“AND we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called ac­cord­ing to his pur­pose.”

Lis­ten­ing to peo­ple’s ex­pe­ri­ences is al­ways very in­ter­est­ing, peo­ple have such fas­ci­nat­ing sto­ries. Un­for­tu­nately the bulk of those sto­ries are never writ­ten or doc­u­mented but if you lis­ten in­tently you can’t help but marvel at the mir­a­cles that hap­pen on a daily ba­sis.

Peo­ple tell amaz­ing and in­spir­ing sto­ries that leave you in to­tal shock. How­ever, our nat­u­ral mind­set’s de­fault re­ac­tion is to doubt and be­lieve it can’t be true. I sup­pose we are set in our ways and we be­lieve that for a mir­a­cle to oc­cur it must con­form to a cer­tain stan­dard, it must be dra­matic, the heav­ens must part and any­thing short of that is not re­ally a mir­a­cle. We at­tribute so many things to coin­ci­dence and luck.

I was told a very touch­ing story by a woman pas­tor who got sick and lost her hus­band and child at some point in her life. I was amazed at how she re­lated her story to me and how painful and grue­some the ex­pe­ri­ence was, she opened up and shared such in­ti­mate de­tail. At the end of our con­ver­sa­tion she at­trib­uted all her bless­ings to the Lord and said that she to­tally lived for Him.

She is such a pleas­ant per­son who is so full of life and she is al­ways will­ing to share her faith and the hap­pi­ness she has found in God. She has so much to be bit­ter about; a dream de­ferred, hope shat­tered and unimag­in­able loss, but she is the epit­ome of hap­pi­ness. She has come to terms with her re­al­ity and she be­lieves she is be­ing used as an in­stru­ment to bring hope and faith to other women.

Her story, although I have short­ened it, is more de­tailed and is quite sim­i­lar to the mir­a­cles we read about in the Bi­ble; the mir­a­cles we wish would hap­pen in our own lives. Through the eyes of this lady pas­tor one can clearly tell that the Lord is alive and reigning supreme.

My niece sent me a post­card last night with a mes­sage that reads: “Don’t think of the things you didn’t get af­ter pray­ing, think of the count­less bless­ings God gave you with­out ask­ing.” I guess af­ter hear­ing this lady’s story, it be­gins to dawn on us that we have so many bless­ings that we take for granted. It’s hu­man to com­plain, and to want and wish for more to the point where we be­come un­grate­ful.

To­day, take time to list all the mir­a­cles that have hap­pened this past week not only in your life but to those close to you. As you do, re­mem­ber that God reigns and that what­ever you may be go­ing through will come to pass, it’s just a mat­ter of time.

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