Ev­ery­one has a pur­pose

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Eph­e­sians 3:8

“To me, who am less than the least of all the saints, this grace was given, that I should preach among the Gen­tiles the un­search­able riches of Christ.”

I was told the story of the great Syr­ian gen­eral who suf­fered from lep­rosy, his body was rav­aged. In sym­pa­thy, his maid ser­vant sug­gested that he should go to her coun­try of ori­gin to visit the prophet Elisha, who she knew was a man of God.

In des­per­a­tion he took her ad­vice and rode out to see the prophet. When he ar­rived they asked him what he wanted and he was not even ush­ered into the house but was asked to go and dip him­self seven times in the muddy wa­ters of the River Jor­dan.

At first he was taken aback at the in­struc­tion and the re­cep­tion he had re­ceived be­cause the prophet did not even take time to come out and meet him, but he just is­sued an in­struc­tion for him to fol­low in or­der to find sal­va­tion.

What was even more as­tound­ing for him was the in­struc­tion to go and dip him­self seven times in a river that he per­ceived as dirty. Even­tu­ally he de­cided to fol­low the in­struc­tion and dipped him­self in the river. To his amaze­ment, his skin cleared, it be­came as ten­der as that of a child.

How many times have we looked down on peo­ple be­cause of their ap­pear­ance or cir­cum­stances? How many times have we lost out on po­ten­tially great op­por­tu­ni­ties be­cause of how we per­ceive peo­ple?

The mighty gen­eral chose to take the ad­vice of the ser­vant girl and be­cause of that he was healed. The les­son to be learnt to­day is that, de­spite ap­pear­ances, so many of the peo­ple that sur­round you have been sent to be in your space by the Lord above. How you re­late to them and how you per­ceive them should be en­tirely based on the fact that these are peo­ple who were made in the im­age of the Lord and there­fore they have value and pur­pose.

Ev­ery so of­ten we are tempted to look down on peo­ple be­cause of their back­ground, so­cial po­si­tion or fi­nan­cial sta­tus. As you go about your day-to-day busi­ness do not use these yard­sticks to view, judge and treat peo­ple.

Ev­ery­one has a pur­pose to ful­fil, it may be hid­den or un­clear to you and only af­ter some time has elapsed do you re­alise why God placed them in your life. This week spend time ap­pre­ci­at­ing and af­firm­ing all the won­der­ful peo­ple the Lord has placed in your life that you have been over­look­ing.

Be Blessed

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