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I Corinthi­ans 13 vs 4, 7 “LOVE suf­fers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not pa­rade it­self, is not puffed up; bears all things, be­lieves all things, hopes all things, en­dures all things.”

Have you ever been in a re­la­tion­ship with a friend or rel­a­tive that has be­come so strained that you do not know what to do to re­pair it? The thought of re­lat­ing to that per­son brings about so much pain. You dread in­ter­ac­tion with that per­son to the point where you ac­tu­ally avoid them.

I have ob­served how most peo­ple re­late, you can tell just from their body lan­guage that these peo­ple are just try­ing to get through the mo­ment, it’s a forced in­ter­ac­tion. Noth­ing can be more stress­ful than a re­la­tion­ship that you value and trea­sure that has gone bad.

Many peo­ple can cope with al­most any­thing but the prospect of a bro­ken re­la­tion­ship that can­not be fixed can be de­bil­i­tat­ing. Many a home is made up of peo­ple who are at strife, homes have be­come war zones, the place you are sup­posed to seek and find refuge be­comes a place that brings pain and sor­row.

Is it nec­es­sary to go through some of the things we go through? Can bro­ken re­la­tion­ships be mended? Can peo­ple change? These are ques­tions we ask con­stantly. It doesn’t take much to at­tack the core of a re­la­tion­ship, but it takes grace and con­sid­er­able ef­fort to keep a re­la­tion­ship in­tact. To main­tain good re­la­tion­ships, you have to con­tin­u­ously in­vest time and ef­fort in them.

Most of us take the easy way out, which is to just let things fall apart while we watch and not say any­thing. Every sin­gle one of us deals with is­sues dif­fer­ently but there is noth­ing more detri­men­tal than keep­ing things bot­tled up un­til they reach boil­ing point.

It may not al­ways be easy to con­front or en­gage peo­ple but if the re­la­tion­ship is im­por­tant to you, you have a duty to nur­ture it, grow it, tend to it and en­sure that you fer­tilise it when nece­sarry.You have to treat the peo­ple that mat­ter to you the way you would treat a plant, with love and care. At some point peo­ple will hurt you and re­la­tion­ships will be strained, that’s the na­ture of life, but we have to find ways to re­solve is­sues.

The fact that the Lord placed that per­son in your life means he or she is there for a rea­son, you may not quite com­pre­hend it be­cause of your feel­ings dur­ing times of con­flict but there is a rea­son for their pres­ence in your life.

Are there re­la­tion­ships that you value that are trou­bling you, re­la­tion­ships that you want to keep but you are not sure how to go about it? You may have prayed and prayed but no an­swer seems to be forth­com­ing, you may be at the end of your­self.

Do not stop pray­ing, con­tinue to take it to the Lord in prayer. Never doubt His abil­ity to change the hearts of men, He has done it be­fore and at the right time, He will do the same for you. As He does that for you, re­flect on all the lessons you have learnt and how they can help you nur­ture your re­la­tion­ships and avoid mak­ing the same mis­takes again. Things will work out. Be blessed For More Info: Visit our web­site: www.the­ Email us on info@the­ Catch us on StarFM, Mon­day to Fri­day at 0620hours.

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