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Psalm 9 vs 10

“And those who know your name will put their trust in You; For You, Lord, have not for­saken those who seek You.”

It’s very dif­fi­cult to ra­tio­nalise bad things, to put sense to any­thing that de­fies logic. Ev­ery day we find our­selves in sit­u­a­tions that leave us won­der­ing, wal­low­ing in emo­tion and dis­ap­point­ment, to­tally con­fused by the things of this world.

All of us can list the dis­ap­point­ments and heart­breaks we deal with on a weekly ba­sis. The amaz­ing thing is that through it all we are given the abil­ity to re­new our strength, find mean­ing and start again.

Last week a cou­ple close to my heart, my pas­tor and his wife, lost their pet dogs in a freak ac­ci­dent that was some­what un­be­liev­able. Their neigh­bour was mow­ing the lawn and he star­tled a swarm of bees. In­stead of re­main­ing within the con­fines of where they had been pro­voked, the bees raced next door. In their path of flight they met the dog and the chick­ens next door, they stung and killed them. The Pas­tor and his wife watched help­lessly as the dogs were mauled and at­tacked by this very large swarm, try­ing to find mean­ing in it all.

Heart bro­ken and hurt at the hor­rific show they had just wit­nessed, they tried to make sense of what had just hap­pened but it was dif­fi­cult. When I spoke to the pas­tor he then ra­tio­nalised the in­ci­dent by say­ing “God knows best, the bees could have at­tacked the neigh­bours who trig­gered the process and hu­man life could have been lost. In His wis­dom He chose to di­rect them to a path that re­sulted in the pre­serv­ing of hu­man life.”

We all go through things we can­not un­der­stand, where we won­der what the Lord’s plans are be­cause we just can’t find mean­ing amidst the pain. Dur­ing those times it be­comes very dif­fi­cult to be­lieve that God cares and that He is al­ways there.

When all has been said and done He knows best and some­times He has to al­low the most un­pleas­ant things to oc­cur for the greater good. In the midst of all the pain, it some­times takes time to un­der­stand the greater good.

As we trudge through life and all its dif­fi­cul­ties, some­times what we need to do is step back from the sit­u­a­tion and see the greater good, be­yond our pain like what the pas­tor did.

May the Lord open our eyes to His good­ness in the midst of pain, may He clearly show us His will and the greater good. Be blessed.

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