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CHIEF Vezubuhle is spot on when he ac­cusses lead­ers in Mata­bele­land for not spear­heard­ing de­vel­op­ment in the re­gion. There is a lot that can be done in Fi­l­abusi to al­le­vi­ate poverty and hunger but since it is “each man for him­self” we are lag­ging be­hind as far as de­vel­op­ment is con­cerned. — Beg­gars on a Beach of Gold, Fi­l­abusi.

MY Septem­ber tip, it seems an in­ten­sive heat of sun is upon us. En­sure you drink a lot of cold water. Stay in­doors or shel­ter un­der a tree. — Love­more Kashawo, Harare.

NO­TICE, in­di­geni­sa­tion in progress. Cre­at­ing em­ploy­ment those who cry foul over un­em­ploy­ment you are lazy peo­ple with idle minds. Stand up and work noth­ing comes eas­ily in life. Those who are be­ing used as cheap labour to demon­strate in streets, de­stroy­ing other peo­ple’s prop­erty, shame on you. May God for­give you as you do not know that you do not know. — Beg­gars on a Beach of Gold, Fi­l­abusi

COM­MAND agri­cul­ture is the way for­ward for our na­tion. Every Zim­bab­wean should sup­port this pro­gramme to make our na­tion a bread bas­ket of Africa. Let us pray for the rains to come and go out and work in our fields. We Zim­bab­weans are not lazy peo­ple. Viva farm­ing, viva Zim­babwe, viva com­mand agri­cul­ture. — Don­ald Mutemwa, Mu­toko.

IT’S time the truth is said. One would be un­re­al­is­tic to say Jah Prayzah is not ta­lented or good. The fact, how­ever, is that he has his short­com­ings that are never talked about. He is one of the most av­er­age in­stru­men­tal­ists on the mu­sic scene. I would not even put him on the same level as Progress Chip­fumo as far as just in­stru­ments are con­cerned and his lyrics are shal­low. They are on the same plane as Zim Dance­hall lyrics only they are done in a su­pe­rior Shona po­etic style. His brand of mu­sic will not stand the test of time and this is a fact. — Roger Gava, Harare.

THE fact that 80 per­cent of Zesa debts are owed by 20 per­cent of the peo­ple ought to be cor­rected. It is sig­nif­i­cant that Zesa is mov­ing in the right di­rec­tion. There is no need to fo­cus on peo­ple who owe less than $2 000 when there is a sig­nif­i­cant chunk that owes more than $10 000. I think those house­holds that owe Zesa small amounts are now on the pre­pay­ment sys­tem and they are slowly, but surely ex­tin­guish­ing their debt. My sug­ges­tion would be for ev­ery­one to be put on pre­pay­ment. That way 50 per­cent of what­ever they pay will go to­wards ex­tin­guish­ing the debts. — Who’s Who, Via e-mail.

THE last time High­landers pulled a dou­ble over Dy­namos they won the league. I am a firm be­liever that they can pull this off again. Com­ing from a goal down to se­cure vic­tory shows that they have the tem­per­a­ment to go the dis­tance. — Tha­bani Moyo, Bu­l­awayo.

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