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Ex­o­dus 20 vs 3, 5

“You shall have no other Gods be­fore Me, You shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, The Lord your God, am a jeal­ous God.”

We all have things that we place value in, to the point of wor­ship­ping them, our world re­volves around th­ese things and we just can­not live with­out them. Th­ese things be­come the fo­cus of our at­ten­tion, ef­fort, en­ergy and time. They lit­er­ally be­come what we live for, they take cen­tre stage and be­come our source of strength.

As time pro­gresses they trans­form them­selves into a de­ity that we end up wor­ship­ing. Have you ever heard some­one say­ing “I am slave to fash­ion, I will spend my last dol­lar on look­ing good.”? Oth­ers live for food, their whole lives cen­tre around eat­ing, while oth­ers are ob­sessed with work or sport. Their very ex­is­tence is de­pen­dent on this, they eat, sleep and live for their work or their sports teams, and they ac­tu­ally end up be­com­ing so ob­sessed with th­ese ac­tiv­i­ties that it be­comes un­healthy.

Did you know that, on av­er­age, most peo­ple spend very lit­tle time in prayer and wor­ship, they hardly con­sult of God or seek to in­ter­act with Him? They can hardly say a prayer and when they do pray it’s said in haste, their minds are filled with ev­ery­thing else ex­cept thoughts around God.

The Lord says He is a jeal­ous God, mean­ing He can­not stand com­pe­ti­tion; our thoughts and deeds should be cen­tred on Him and Him alone. Apostasy is prob­a­bly one of the worst sins one can ever com­mit. If there is any­thing that de­taches you from God, it’s wor­ship­ing other Gods.

The chil­dren of Is­rael fell out and lost their trea­sured place in His heart when they de­voted them­selves to wor­ship­ping the Gods of the land they had con­quered. They soon for­got where they had come from, how they had over­come their past tribu­la­tions and more im­por­tantly they stopped seek­ing God in their lives. Wor­ship­ping God be­came some­thing that they did out of habit rather than from an in­her­ent de­sire to do so.

Apostasy drives the pres­ence of God away from one’s life, we are all seek­ing His guid­ance and divine will for our lives, and we must there­fore play our part in set­ting our pri­or­i­ties right.

Things can get out of hand and be­fore you know it, your time has been taken up by all th­ese other things that have cropped up and taken cen­tre stage in your life. For many, money is their God; they pray, wor­ship, live and will die for it and even ruin re­la­tion­ships in the process, in a bid to have it.

Yet what we should be do­ing is in­vest­ing our time in Him who giveth of all things, we some­times make the mis­take of pray­ing to the item rather than the giver. Let’s get out pri­or­i­ties right, let’s set aside enough time each day to speak to, and hear the Lord. How can you pos­si­bly hear Him when the noise that makes up you life is so loud it drowns you and ev­ery­thing else?

Make a con­scious ef­fort to get your pri­or­i­ties right by avoid­ing wil­fully wor­ship­ing other Gods and thus an­ger­ing Him in the process. Take a close look at your life; rewind and re­set the counter, start again and do the right thing.

He is yearn­ing for your at­ten­tion, be­gin to take the steps to set your ways in ac­cor­dance with His will. Let his­tory be a teacher to you and show you how oth­ers have erred and in turn, lost their birthright in the process. Do the right thing, wor­ship Him and Him alone.

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