Deal with poach­ers, not de­horn­ing rhi­nos

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ED­I­TOR — The Zim­babwe Na­tional Parks and Wildlife Man­age­ment Au­thor­ity is plan­ning to de­horn 800 rhi­nos to curb poach­ing ac­tiv­i­ties which have seen more than five per­cent of the rhino pop­u­la­tion il­le­gally killed in South Africa last year.

While the idea to save the rhino is com­mend­able, I think it is un­fair to de­horn the rhi­nos that were cre­ated with all body parts in­tact. God had a rea­son for cre­at­ing the rhino with its horn.

In my opin­ion that is an­i­mal abuse. The na­tional parks depart­ment should deal with the poach­ers in­stead of deal­ing with the an­i­mals. The depart­ment is in­di­rectly telling us that it has been de­feated by the poach­ers.

Be­sides in­fring­ing on the rights of the rhino, it is also costly to de­horn 800 rhi­nos con­sid­er­ing that each rhino costs $1 200 to de­horn.

Rhi­nos should be left in their com­plete body form. If God had wanted rhi­nos to live with­out horns, He would have cre­ated them with­out horns.

Mr Ed­i­tor, the de­horn­ing ex­er­cise will gob­ble a lot of money at the time when the econ­omy is in the in­ten­sive care unit. Lawrence “The Pen­pusher” Moyo, Hwange. LET us have his­to­rian Pathisa Ny­athi show­ing his email ad­dress in his ar­ti­cles. We may want to com­mu­ni­cate di­rectly with him to share in­for­ma­tion. — Arthur Ma­posa, Gwanda High School.

CAN our Gov­ern­ment please in­ter­vene and help its vot­ers. Zesa has cut off elec­tric­ity at En­tum­bane houses in Bu­l­awayo, say­ing that peo­ple should clear their bills first. — An­gry Res­i­dent, Bu­l­awayo

THERE is a prob­lem with fuel pumped from some fuel ser­vice sta­tions in Hwange town, Cross Dete and Dete town. If one buys petrol or diesel let’s say for 10 litres one doesn’t get the 10 litres as pur­chased but the fuel can be be­tween 8 litres to 9.5 litres de­pend­ing at which ser­vice sta­tion the fuel was bought from at the above-men­tioned places. Most mo­torists are cry­ing foul about th­ese ser­vice sta­tions. If they have a prob­lem with their fuel pump­ing ma­chines noone knows as their fuel at­ten­dants are not help­ful. This is day­light rob­bery. May the rel­e­vant au­thor­i­ties and Con­sumer Coun­cil of Zim­babwe look into this is­sue. I nor­mally use about 130 litres of diesel per month and now I am be­ing forced to buy an ad­di­tional 13 litres to 20 litres be­cause of this fuel fleec­ing. Surely one pays $12 to buy 10 litres of diesel only to get eight litres while their pump­ing ma­chine is read­ing 10.2 litres. Some­thing is wrong here. — Don­ald Ncube Seka

Pathisa Ny­athi

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