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Proverbs 11 vs 2

“When pride comes, then comes dis­grace, but with the hum­ble is wis­dom.”

Change is the only con­stant in life, things al­ways change, they do not re­main the same. When a per­son un­der­goes tran­si­tion, es­pe­cially one that in­volves al­tered cir­cum­stances, they re­quire strength from above to cope with the change.

One of the most dif­fi­cult things for any one is to go through a tran­si­tion. Noth­ing is more dif­fi­cult than a tran­si­tion, whether it is tran­si­tion for the bet­ter or tran­si­tion for worse. The pe­riod lead­ing to an an­tic­i­pated change can be very dif­fi­cult.

Pro­mo­tion or de­mo­tion brings about a rush of emo­tion, which­ever way. With pro­mo­tion there is eu­pho­ria and an adren­a­line rush lead­ing to the mo­ment of glory. With a de­mo­tion comes hu­mil­i­a­tion, anger and re­sent­ment to­wards those who are re­spon­si­ble for what may have oc­curred.

Many fail at the point of their suc­cess be­cause they treat the pro­mo­tion as a pe­riod of free fall­ing and do­ing all and sundry, they be­come vain and proud. On the other hand, tran­si­tion in the neg­a­tive can cause some­one to run away from the world, shut peo­ple out and iso­late them­selves.

When Saul was anointed king, he al­lowed the power he had re­ceived to get to his head. He went on to be in­volved in un­think­able acts, he for­got what had led him to the throne and at times he al­lowed his char­ac­ter to de­gen­er­ate to such a depth that the devil would take hold of him.

Hu­man na­ture is some­what like that, we some­times get so caught up in the present that the past be­comes a dis­tant mem­ory that we try to for­get. Very of­ten those that have been pro­moted fall on their swords as a re­sult of this mis­taken be­lief that they have be­come greater than God. We of­ten speak about the chal­lenges of life but some­how never quite see what hap­pens with an­swered pray­ers and pro­mo­tion.

In our life­time we will ex­pe­ri­ence mo­ments of pro­mo­tion, the true test of our char­ac­ter and our be­lief sys­tem will be re­vealed through the man­ner we deal with th­ese mo­ments. Many a per­son has lost their soul when their re­al­ity meets their pray­ers.

Very soon, you too will ex­pe­ri­ence pro­mo­tion and favour, how will you deal with this tran­si­tion? Will this be your mo­ment of fail­ure or it will be the mo­ment you praise the Lord, be­come hum­ble and give glory to Him?

It is hu­man to be for­get­ful, we should how­ever never al­low that to be the point that al­ters us and changes our destiny and char­ac­ter for­ever. The more you have the more you be­lieve you do not need the Lord, the truth how­ever is: to whom much is given, much is ex­pected. Like­wise, the ex­pec­ta­tions of the Lord on your life are greater.

Don’t be like Saul and lose track of where you have come from, re­mem­ber the Lord in all you do and not just at your point of need. The de­mands of where you are go­ing re­quire that you be even closer to the Lord. The chal­lenges and temp­ta­tions ahead can only be over­come through Him.

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