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James 4 vs 11

“BROTH­ERS and sis­ters, do not slan­der one an­other. Any­one who speaks against a brother or sis­ter or judges them speaks against the law and judges it. When you judge the law, you are not keep­ing it, but sit­ting in judg­ment on it.”

I re­ceived a dis­tress call very late at night a few weeks ago, a friend of mine who works within a church set­ting was tired, dis­il­lu­sioned and she felt be­trayed. She just could not be­lieve that a Chris­tian set­ting could be any­thing other than righ­teous and whole. She was shocked and dis­ap­pointed by the be­hav­iour of other peo­ple in the church, she felt that they had mis­placed pri­or­i­ties and had di­verged from the word.

We all some­times find our­selves in places like that, where our work mates or those around us let us down by ex­hibit­ing be­hav­iours that are con­trary to what we ex­pect them to be. Is­sues of spir­i­tu­al­ity are some­what like that, they take us to a place where we eas­ily get dis­ap­pointed, where peo­ple can­not be trusted and they let us down.

We all have churches that we at­tend, places we have called home, cen­tres of refuge, where we have spir­i­tual moth­ers and fa­thers lead­ing us on to pas­ture. Hav­ing to face the re­al­ity is that these in­di­vid­u­als who we be­lieve have been tasked to be our spir­i­tual an­gels can be any­thing other than an­gelic and godly, is some­times very hard to ac­cept.

Many have fallen off the spir­i­tual band wagon, stopped com­muning with God al­to­gether and given up on spir­i­tu­al­ity be­cause of what some­one within the con­gre­ga­tion may have said or done. Our spir­i­tual hopes have been so un­der­pinned on other peo­ple that the minute we dis­cover they are hu­man be­ings like us who have flaws and are prone to temp­ta­tion, our world falls apart.

The truth is that your spir­i­tual fate does not rely on some­one else. Yes the in­di­vid­ual may have greater en­light­en­ment or un­der­stand­ing than you may have but that does not make them Je­sus. They may be cre­ated in His im­age, they may say or do all the right things but the truth of the mat­ter is that they are hu­man and there­fore like all be­fore, fall short of the glory of God.

In our bid to find earthly com­fort and peace, we try too hard to find a sub­sti­tute for God on earth. There is only one Je­sus Christ; a per­fect be­ing who walked the earth. Those that have come and gone af­ter Him can only em­u­late Him but can­not and will never be like Him.

Our daily ex­pe­ri­ences in life will bring us to a point where we are bro­ken. In this jour­ney we are all sub­jected to the work of the devil, who tries to en­sure that our re­la­tions with our fa­ther above are fur­ther es­tranged.

We all look for con­ve­nient ex­cuses as to why we should not wor­ship and how this par­tic­u­lar per­son or the other has done this and there­fore has pre­vented you from en­ter­ing the glory.

Our lives are all the same, we will be judged as in­di­vid­u­als and nowhere does it say oth­ers will be ex­empt. There­fore in this life do not be­stow on oth­ers a yard­stick that is dif­fi­cult to mea­sure up to, that you your­self are fail­ing at.

What you feel and en­dure is what oth­ers in your church also feel; your mood swings, tem­per tantrums and chal­lenges are ex­actly what the next per­son ex­pe­ri­ences as well. Do not there­fore use the ex­cuse of the ac­tions of oth­ers to pre­vent you from seek­ing or fel­low­ship­ping with the Lord. In­stead, pray that the Lord may come sooner but be­fore He does may He give strength to those in His vine­yard who are al­ways sur­rounded by all sorts of temp­ta­tions that seek to make them fail in their pur­suit of shar­ing His word.

In a world that badly needs a mes­sage of hope, restora­tion, for­give­ness and love, be a bet­ter con­gre­gant to­day. Love more than you have in the past, be more pa­tient and tol­er­ant; re­mem­ber­ing we are all chil­dren of the fa­ther who are search­ing for His grace. Spare a mo­ment to for­give and be­come more un­der­stand­ing to­day. Be blessed For More Info: Visit our web­site: www.the­ Email us on info@the­ Catch us on StarFM, Mon­day to Fri­day at 0620hours.

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