50 years jail for rap­ing 68-year-old granny

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A 26-YEAR-OLD man from Somab­ula has been sen­tenced to an ef­fec­tive 50 years im­pris­on­ment for rap­ing a 68 year old grand­mother.

Ishe­unesu Dzingiso of Plot 15 Ju­lena in Somab­ula pleaded not guilty when he ap­peared be­fore mag­is­trate Mr Mor­gan Ne­madire fac­ing one count of un­law­ful en­try, one of as­sault and five of rape.

Dzingiso was sen­tenced to 60 years im­pris­on­ment on all the counts, but 10 years were sus­pended on con­di­tion of good be­hav­iour.

For count one and two Dzingiso was sen­tenced to 10 years in prison and for counts three to seven he was sen­tenced to 10 years im­pris­on­ment for each. He will spend an af­fec­tive 50 years in jail.

Prose­cut­ing, Mr Gu­vheya told the court that on Septem­ber 13, the 68 year old woman was alone at her homestead when the ac­cused broke into her house.

He said Dzingiso gained en­try into the com­plainant’s bed­room by dam­ag­ing the door hinge.

“At around 12AM the ac­cused found the com­plainant stand­ing by the door and forced her to sit down but she man­aged to pull Dzingiso’s legs and he fell down. Dzingiso rose from the floor and started to as­sault the com­plainant with open hands and fists sev­eral times on her face,” said Mr Gu­vheya.

“He grabbed the com­plainant’s neck and started head butting her on her fore­head sev­eral times.”

The court heard that the granny suf­fered some bruises on her neck and face.

Mr Gu­vheya said that the com­plainant then fell un­con­scious due to the at­tack.

“The ac­cused then lifted the com­plainant’s dress and re­moved his own trousers be­fore he raped her,” he said.

Dzingiso also tore the com­plainant’s dress and raped once more through the anus. He is al­leged to have had sex with her for five times and stopped when she uri­nated.

“The ac­cused cov­ered the com­plainant with a blan­ket and told her to go to sleep. How­ever, she man­aged to sneak out of the house and ran to her neigh­bour’s house and re­ported the mat­ter.

“The neigh­bour teamed up with other neigh­bours and found the ac­cused asleep in the com­plainant’s bed and tied him up,” said Mr Gu­vheya.

The ac­cused was taken to the po­lice sta­tion the fol­low­ing day and the com­plainant was re­ferred to Gweru Hospi­tal for treat­ment — @wyn­nezane.

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