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PRES­I­DENT Mu­gabe has time and time again shown that he will stand up to West­ern neo-im­pe­ri­al­ism. Zim­bab­weans must un­der­stand that he has their best in­ter­ests at heart. Let us de­nounce im­pe­ri­al­ism by the West and pro­tect our sovereignty. — Farai Moyo.

AS this Pas­tor-cum-pup­pet, I mean the donor syn­drome-ised Evan Mawarire and his bunch of blink­ered fol­low­ers, con­duct anti-Zim­babwe rit­u­als in New York, can they just flip to the other side of the coin and tell their fun­ders with­out fail that Zim­babwe will never be a colony again even un­der il­le­gal sanc­tions im­posed on our small coun­try by these blood-thirsty vam­pires. — Cde Bla Max Boomerang

PLEASE, can we get more fea­tures on Bond Notes as we are still ar­gu­ing on the streets. A more in­for­ma­tive fea­ture on bond notes can help peo­ple un­der­stand them bet­ter. I am not say­ing we do not need them but am sim­ply say­ing sim­plify the lan­guage for the ben­e­fit of ev­ery­one. — Jairos Tap­fuma.

I WOULD like to see more arts be­ing per­formed in our cities. When I was at school I was a part of Chipawo. These days I do not think that our chil­dren take those things as se­ri­ously as we did. These are av­enues that can make a lot of money for peo­ple as well. Let us pro­mote the arts and en­cour­age our chil­dren to get into them. — Regi­nald Muto, Kwekwe.

Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe

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