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AMER­I­CAN Am­bas­sador to Zim­babwe Mr Harry Thomas Jr is a hyp­ocrite who rushes to cas­ti­gate lo­cal law en­force­ment agents for us­ing min­i­mum force to quell il­le­gal demon­stra­tions but turns a blind eye when po­lice of­fi­cers in his coun­try kill his kith and kin, a Cabi­net Min­is­ter has said.

In­for­ma­tion, Me­dia and Broad­cast­ing Ser­vices Min­is­ter Dr Christo­pher Mushohwe said the cal­lous killing of a dis­abled black Amer­i­can, Keith La­monte Scott, in North Carolina in the United States on Tues­day was clear tes­ti­mony of how the Amer­i­can am­bas­sador has no moral ground to crit­i­cise Zim­babwe when po­lice use tear gas and wa­ter can­nons to crush il­le­gal demon­stra­tions.

Dr Mushohwe’s re­marks fol­low a string of shoot­ings of black peo­ple by Amer­i­can po­lice that have stoked out­rage in most parts of the US.

The killing of Scott came just a few days after a white po­lice of­fi­cer in Tulsa, Ok­la­homa in the US, again killed an­other black man Ter­ence Crutcher whom video ev­i­dence in­di­cates that he was rais­ing his hands above his head to show the po­lice that he was not armed.

Said Dr Mushohwe yes­ter­day: “The is­sue of the wan­ton killing of African-Amer­i­cans and the Lati­nos in the US is a very com­mon fea­ture. In fact, it hap­pens al­most every week.

“But the African-Amer­i­cans just like our dear am­bas­sador (Mr Thomas Jr) here do not open their eyes to those cal­lous slaugh­ter of peo­ple of colour.”

He said statis­tics in­di­cated that Amer­i­can po­lice had killed hun­dreds of AfricanAmer­i­cans and Lati­nos in the last two years alone.

Dr Mushohwe said it is there­fore dis­turb­ing that Am­bas­sador Thomas Jr rushes to cas­ti­gate the po­lice here when they use wa­ter can­nons and tear­gas on il­le­gal demon­stra­tors who loot shops and de­stroy prop­erty.

“When the Amer­i­can am­bas­sador, for ex­am­ple, ac­cred­ited to this great na­tion stands up and con­demns us be­cause wa­ter can­nons have been used on some peo­ple and not talk about the cold-blooded and cal­lous mur­der of peo­ple of his colour in his own home-back­yard then you be­gin to won­der whether this is not a racist com­ment. It’s no longer to do with hu­man rights.

“We would ex­pect the Amer­i­can am­bas­sador to make sure that he talks about the evil, bru­tal slaugh­ter of African-Amer­i­cans in the United States and con­demn his Gov­ern­ment not to just come here and try to med­dle into our in­ter­nal af­fairs.

“We know who these peo­ple are when they come here, we are com­pelled to be­lieve that they come here with an agenda to cause regime change. They send a char­ac­ter of the am­bas­sador who is an AfricanAmer­i­can to come here.

“He has a short nose like ours and one would think that he thinks like an African. But no, when a white po­lice of­fi­cer shoots a man or woman of colour back in his home coun­try, to him it does not mat­ter. But if you take a bucket of wa­ter and throw it at the op­po­si­tion here then it be­comes a crim­i­nal of­fence.

“We want to hear these peo­ple if they are re­ally con­cerned about hu­man rights and democ­racy con­demn what is hap­pen­ing in the United States. What even makes it worse is that those who are com­plain­ing by and large are even white but a man of colour who sees his brother be­ing cal­lously shot and a dis­abled per­son for that mat­ter does not,” said Dr Mushohwe.

He added that it was strange that some of the harsh­est crit­ics of po­lice ac­tions in Zim­babwe did not con­demn the de­struc­tion of Gov­ern­ment prop­erty and loot­ing of shops of or­di­nary peo­ple try­ing to eke a liv­ing.

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