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Luke 17 vs 3

“Take heed to your­selves. If your brother sins against you, re­buke him; and if he re­pents, for­give him.”

I had never re­ally thought about this un­til I lis­tened to some­one preach on the need for re­pen­tance; the need to stop, in­tro­spect and cor­rect the wrongs one might be do­ing.

It is so much eas­ier to see what peo­ple do to us, the wrongs they per­pet­u­ate on a daily ba­sis and the re­sul­tant anger we have to­wards them for the things they do that we don’t like.

How­ever, when you closely an­a­lyse the ba­sis of which we are all called by Christ, it is essen­tially to turn from our way­ward ways and fol­low Him. Be­ing good can some­times be one of the most dif­fi­cult things one is tasked with do­ing, it’s a lot eas­ier to be nasty.

We are all called to some­thing greater than what we know, the sec­ond com­ing is an ideal propo­si­tion that has been pre­sented to us, but in be­tween the rigours of life it is some­times easy to for­get that we have been promised a bet­ter life than this, if only we play our part.

God keeps every prom­ise that He makes, He has proven it be­fore. Those he had promised some­thing bet­ter and they co­op­er­ated, crossed over to Canaan, de­spite the fact that at every turn they grum­bled, re­belled and did wrong.

The les­son to be learnt from that is that every­one who de­fied what the Lord had said or in­structed never made it to the Promised Land. The same ap­plies with us to­day, every day that we fail to re­pent and live on the ba­sis of the in­struc­tion we have been given, de­spite the prom­ise of for­give­ness, we de­lay from the in­tended.

Every­one has been given the op­tion to live in Christ; the choice is ours whether we de­cide to take up the of­fer or not. It some­times seems eas­ier to just run from Him rather than do what He has asked. We all have a duty of care, to try each day to be right with our maker. That in­volves dili­gently seek­ing Him and cry­ing out to him for for­give­ness and restora­tion when we do wrong.

It is some­times eas­ier to pe­ti­tion our re­quests to Him and blame Him for the unan­swered prayers, the pain and the dif­fi­cul­ties we some­times en­counter. The truth is even though His love and grace is un­con­di­tional, we have a re­spon­si­bil­ity to humbly ap­proach his throne and ask Him to for­give us for the wrong that we do.

As we work to­wards find­ing His will for our lives, let us also take the time to re­pent of our sins one to an­other, to seek for­give­ness from those we have wronged and also for­give those that have wronged us.

His plan for both you and I is per­fect, it is a bet­ter to­mor­row for each one of us. Let us play our part by abid­ing in His glory and majesty.

Be Blessed

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