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Leviti­cus 26 vs 4

“I WILL send you rain in its sea­son, and the ground will yield its crops and the trees of the field their fruit.”

Two years ago I de­cided to make use of the rainy sea­son and plant some maize. A few months be­fore the in­tended date of plant­ing I had firmly re­solved that I would en­sure that I put some­thing in the ground.

Closer to the start of the rainy sea­son as was pre­dicted; I be­gan the prepa­ra­tions, which re­quired me to source all the in­puts re­quired for the ex­er­cise. At every turn dur­ing the process of ac­quir­ing the in­puts, I met dif­fer­ent ob­sta­cles that pre­vented me from plant­ing. I could not get the seeds and the trac­tors kept de­vel­op­ing faults and they couldn’t func­tion prop­erly.

The rains be­gan in earnest but I had missed the plant­ing date that had been rec­om­mended by the seed com­pa­nies. I was dev­as­tated, and to make it worse things kept go­ing wrong, I could not get all the el­e­ments to come to­gether. The rains per­sisted and as was pre­dicted and it looked like it was go­ing to be a great farm­ing sea­son af­ter all, and I had missed it.

My heart was de­spon­dent and dis­ap­pointed; but nev­er­the­less I kept trudg­ing along un­til I had all the in­puts to­gether. The story of the in­puts is a story for an­other day, it’s a mir­a­cle in it­self, the Lord led me to some won­der­ful peo­ple who opened their hearts and as­sisted me.

Time be­ing the elu­sive gift that it is, two and half months from the start of the sea­son I was fi­nally ready to start plant­ing. So I got on with the busi­ness at hand, we planted by day and by night in be­tween the rain and some ma­jor dry spells. We kept plant­ing well af­ter the rec­om­mended date.

I called my seed sup­pli­ers and asked when should I stop plant­ing and they told me that, ide­ally, you should not go be­yond the last day of De­cem­ber. I kept ask­ing dif­fer­ent peo­ple and they all told me that I should stop plant­ing be­cause it was late.

In faith and with a strong be­lief that God was urg­ing me to keep plant­ing, I con­tin­ued. I called a friend who had as­sisted me in ac­quir­ing the seed and asked for her ad­vice. She said that al­though it was late for a nor­mal sea­son and the agron­o­mists were ad­vis­ing oth­er­wise, I should con­tinue.

I even­tu­ally fin­ished plant­ing ap­prox­i­mately a month af­ter the cut­off date. The rains were be­com­ing dis­tinctly er­ratic and there were days where I would stand on my bal­cony, look­ing out at the field and say, “But Lord I feel you im­pressed it upon me that I should plant, it will be ok, what is hap­pen­ing now?” In be­tween I would have mo­ments of panic but I would go back to the prom­ise in my heart.

Dur­ing one pro­longed dry spell, I started to put to­gether ir­ri­ga­tion equip­ment to try and save my crop that was now be­ing rav­aged by the sun. I was get­ting des­per­ate. We man­aged to ir­ri­gate a sec­tion for a week and just as I was about to get more equip­ment to ir­ri­gate the whole field, the heav­ens opened and it be­gan to rain again.

Four months from the rec­om­mended last date of plant­ing, it was still rain­ing, de­fy­ing all the odds as we know them. The crop was look­ing good. Most of the peo­ple who had planted at the start of the sea­son had to write off their crop be­cause it had been scorched by the sun. They had planted based on the wis­dom of the sea­sons they knew and what the agron­o­mists had told them.

I stood amazed at the won­der of the crop in front of me, it was look­ing good. I was de­lighted when I reaped a bumper har­vest, af­ter all that.

How many times have peo­ple told you that “it’s im­pos­si­ble” or “it won’t hap­pen” or “you are wast­ing your time, are you in­sane?” If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that the peo­ple who dis­cour­age you and stop you from do­ing things or see­ing pos­si­bil­i­ties based on their earthly eyes, are not God. There is only one God who reigns.

Are there things that you know you should be do­ing that have been im­pressed upon your heart that seem im­pos­si­ble? Is ev­ery­one telling you that it will never hap­pen?

To­day I want to pub­licly de­clare that ab­so­lutely noth­ing is im­pos­si­ble with God; the im­pos­si­ble is go­ing to be­come pos­si­ble in your life.

Be­lieve in Him and He will give you a har­vest long af­ter the last date of plant­ing has passed.

Be blessed

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