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1 John 3 vs 18 “DEAR chil­dren, let us not love with words or speech but with ac­tions and truth.”

What con­sti­tutes emo­tional dis­hon­esty? Ev­ery­day we have peo­ple who say and do things we dis­like but in a bid to be po­lite we bear it, smile and pre­tend that ev­ery­thing is ok.

In­ter­nally we will be go­ing through hell try­ing to ac­cept some of the things that are thrown our way. Ev­ery one can re­late to those mo­ments when they have had to ex­er­cise un­prece­dented re­straint, just to al­low the mo­ment to pass.

We all have things that irk us, state­ments that peeve us and ac­tions that we can­not tol­er­ate, but for some rea­son we al­low it to go on and on and on. The sad thing with tol­er­at­ing things we should not, is that at some stage our abil­ity to hold it back will get­ter the bet­ter of us.

You may have read or wit­nessed in­stances of road rage or out­right rage where a seem­ingly docile per­son woke up one day and, to­tally out of char­ac­ter, went berserk and did some­thing one would have never ex­pected of them.

We all get to a point where our nat­u­ral sense to ac­com­mo­date and turn a blind eye just doesn’t work any­more. You would have been pushed and pushed un­til your mind and body says, I just can­not take it any­more.

Rage is as a re­sult of pent up anger and emo­tions that have been held back for too long. We all ac­com­mo­date be­yond mea­sure, in a bid to be per­ceived and seen as be­ing po­lite, nice and rea­son­able.

The ques­tion then is; does the de­cep­tion you prof­fer in an at­tempt to be seen in a good light, con­sti­tute who you re­ally are? It’s of­ten as­sumed that ex­press­ing dis­plea­sure at some­thing con­sti­tutes be­ing bad or hav­ing a dif­fer­ent point of view should be shunned or de­spised, but is that re­ally the case?

The Lord cre­ated all of us dif­fer­ently, with tal­ents that com­ple­ment one other, should we choose to be pro­duc­tive. Sin­cer­ity is one of the most im­por­tant hu­man facets a per­son can have and share with the world.

When you lack sin­cer­ity or the abil­ity to be gen­uine, you are in­her­ently be­ing dis­hon­est. Dis­hon­esty is one of the ma­jor char­ac­ter flaws that we should pray to be lib­er­ated from.

It won’t al­ways be re­ceived pos­i­tively, but be­ing hon­est in your re­flec­tions and opin­ions and how you re­late to oth­ers is one of the great­est gifts you can share with the world. Some­times, when try­ing to ac­com­mo­date oth­ers, we hurt our­selves by ac­cept­ing things we should not.

Be like a pres­sure cooker, which op­er­ates on the prin­ci­ple of re­leas­ing steam when the pres­sure gets to a point that the pot can­not hold. Don’t carry any more than you can or you were built to. The more you carry the loads that you should not, the un­happy you be­come and the more the stress on you that will ul­ti­mately ef­fect your health and your well be­ing.

The Lord cre­ated you in a man­ner that de­mands that you be hon­est with your­self and so­ci­ety at large. Lib­er­ate your­self form the stress of dis­hon­esty that you go through just be­cause you want to make oth­ers hap­pier at the ex­pense of your own emo­tional and so­cial well­be­ing. May God grant you the abil­ity to change.

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