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John 7 vs 38

“He who be­lieves in Me, as the Scrip­ture has said, out of His heart will flow rivers of liv­ing wa­ter.”

For many years, I have gone to the same church, I sup­pose you have too. I have known and seen the same peo­ple week in week out. In the last decade, I can safely as­sume that I have prob­a­bly lis­tened to al­most six hun­dred ser­mons, at an av­er­age of one per week, for the fifty two weeks in a year.

The mes­sages have been di­verse, some have spo­ken about re­demp­tion, oth­ers have spo­ken on faith, trust, love and the sec­ond com­ing. You name it, it has been preached about.

Of in­ter­est to me is the bulk of the peo­ple I know have of­ten been moved to a point of tears. Some of the mes­sages have been so deep that they have per­me­ated our in­ner souls. If any­thing, you prob­a­bly left church say­ing, “I will never be the same again. That mes­sage was timely, it was just what I wanted to hear, God truly spoke to me, and He met me at my point of need.” How many times have you ever ex­pe­ri­enced that?

In the same way, you may have lis­tened to the same scrip­ture pre­sented dif­fer­ently and you have sat there and won­dered; is that the same scrip­ture that I have heard over and over again? Well, if you agree, you and I are prob­a­bly in the same boat.

What’s sad is that de­spite these end­less spir­i­tual in­ter­ven­tions that we seem to get so reg­u­larly, we do not change. In mod­ern days, tele­vi­sion, the in­ter­net and ra­dio have made in­for­ma­tion so read­ily avail­able, they have in­creased the fre­quency at which peo­ple minister to us. We are lit­er­ally sur­rounded by the gospel yet we fail to change.

With this end­less spir­i­tual dis­course, have you ever won­dered why we do not take heed and change? It has to do with our faith and be­lief, God may as well part the seas in front of you for you to be­lieve, but just hours later you are caught up in doubt and dis­be­lief.

When pre­sented with a prob­lem, your first re­ac­tion is to panic rather than be­lieve that the LORD knows best. If you are in a neg­a­tive sit­u­a­tion you get an­gry with God and say, but why LORD? The ques­tion you should really be ask­ing is; but why not me Lord?

God is real, He calls us each day, He speaks to each of us, we hear Him through the things we read, see and hear but for some strange rea­son we re­main com­mit­ted to not be­liev­ing.

The ex­er­cise of sit­ting in church be­comes aca­demic, we are in church not for what we can share and use to strengthen the body of Christ, but rather how best we can be en­ter­tained.

The Lord ex­pects bet­ter from each one of us, we are called and we are ac­tu­ally set apart, He has de­clared that He will help us over­come. He will take us to a bet­ter place, a place with­out fear, tribu­la­tion or heartache, if only we could play our part and start to be­lieve what we are taught.

Is it not in­ter­est­ing that the chil­dren of Is­rael, re­gard­less of the var­i­ous warn­ings that they were given, de­spite the end­less call from the prophets and de­spite the very real in­ter­ven­tions they wit­nessed, they failed to change?

Let us be peo­ple that hear, lis­ten and change. Let’s al­low the Lord to per­me­ate our hearts, souls and minds. Let’s be a re­flec­tion of His abil­ity in our lives. Let’s move away from be­ing a statis­tic that makes up the num­bers of the peo­ple in church and be­come the rem­nant that lead the way in show­ing that God is ca­pa­ble of any­thing.

Be blessed

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