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Isa­iah 32 vs 18

“Then my peo­ple will live in a peace­ful habi­ta­tion, and in se­cure dwellings and in undis­turbed rest­ing places.”

His­tory is lit­tered with the mass ex­o­dus of peo­ple from re­gion to re­gion and place to place, de­pend­ing on what sit­u­a­tion they may be run­ning to, or from. The move­ment from the Promised Land to Egypt and vice versa was all pre­empted by a de­sire to seek self­p­reser­va­tion.

Peo­ple want to find a bet­ter life, to set­tle and to live within the con­fines of a cer­tain level of dig­nity. We de­sire to be able to wake up, eke out a liv­ing, bring up a fam­ily, fel­low­ship and seek the Lord, all within the con­fines of an en­vi­ron­ment that al­lows us to be the best we can be.

I sup­pose, put sim­ply, that is what con­sti­tutes liv­ing, and the minute you fail from this ideal or any­thing close to that, we start to seek bet­ter. Peo­ple are par­tic­u­lar about the ba­sics they ex­pect out of life; to have food, cloth­ing, shel­ter and to live in the com­fort of a cer­tain so­cial set­ting.

Over the last few months, the world has been flooded with images of peo­ple run­ning away from their coun­tries in masses, try­ing to cross bor­ders us­ing what ever means is pos­si­ble to se­cure a bet­ter liv­ing in re­gions that are more sta­ble.

The pic­tures of chil­dren, men and women in boats, walk­ing and sleep­ing at train sta­tions is some­thing we have all been wit­ness­ing. The sit­u­a­tion has reached such alarm­ing lev­els that it’s now be­ing called a cri­sis. Huge crowds of peo­ple are all mov­ing from coun­try to coun­try, in search of that place they can call home.

We are some­what all like that, a peo­ple on a jour­ney, mov­ing like no­mads from place to place, all in search of a spir­i­tual home where we can put our feet up and feel the pres­ence of our Lord and Saviour.

Ev­ery day is an in­ter­nal pur­suit of both; life, as we know it, and the search for the Holy Grail that is the Lord. Our end­less study and search for ma­te­rial is tak­ing us to a place where we can hear, see and feel the Lord.

By na­ture, our spir­its are such that we can­not hold still or re­main put when we feel there is some­thing bet­ter out there. We have an in­tense de­sire to ex­plore and to find that pleas­ant place to set­tle and be com­fort­able.

As I have fol­lowed the story of the droves that are in search of a bet­ter home­land, it got me think­ing that his­tory al­ways re­peats it­self, the same things seem to hap­pen over and over again.

Like­wise, what­ever place we call home to­day, it is as a re­sult of God’s providence and His di­vine will to have us at that place. We are some­times guilty of be­liev­ing we do not need the Lord, yet when hu­man­ity or na­ture turns on us the very place we run to first, is the com­fort of His un­seen but def­i­nite pres­ence.

Do you some­times lack be­lief or are un­grate­ful for what the Lord is do­ing in your life? Yes, to­day you may not be run­ning or seek­ing a safer home­land, but are you guilty of run­ning from Him.

Take time to seek the Lord and hear Him where you are. Yes you may not have ev­ery­thing you want and de­sire but that does not mean He has for­saken you or He can’t hear you. As you look at the dif­fi­cul­ties that hu­man­ity is go­ing through and the images of these peo­ple who are run­ning, take time to thank the Lord and seek Him where you are be­cause your cir­cum­stances could be worse than they are cur­rently.

Where ever you are, you can find God. He is ask­ing you to find Him, to fel­low­ship with Him and to get to know Him bet­ter. You don’t need to go through a dis­as­ter for you to en­counter Him.

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