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ED­I­TOR — As the Mid­lands Prov­ince, we have lost one of our most il­lus­tri­ous cit­i­zens on Monday Oc­to­ber 17, 2016. As a na­tion, we have lost one of the rarest species, a true fa­ther and a man of in­tegrity. Ev­ery Zim­bab­wean will un­doubt­edly say the same and mourn in the same way as the Mid­lan­ders are do­ing.

We, specif­i­cally from Si­boza, Mbolola Vil­lage, Zvisha­vane shall not for­get that piped wa­ter, the first of its kind known to us in ru­ral Zim­babwe and many other peo­ple-cen­tred projects.

I vividly re­mem­ber the now de­parted Gen­eral Solomon Rex Nhongo Mu­juru dig­ging the first pipe­line to ini­ti­ate the wa­ter scheme at Si­boza Pri­mary School grounds back then in 1981.

The ex-Gov­er­nor’s ini­ti­ated de­vel­op­ment pro­grammes have be­come a last­ing im­pres­sion of his legacy. There are many other de­vel­op­ment projects that he has ini­ti­ated and is tes­ti­mony to his legacy today. When you think of the Unity Ac­cord at the na­tional level and the end of Guku­rahundi, our icon Baba CG Msipa springs back not only into mem­ory but to life.

What a fear­less and pur­pose­ful cadre we had in this our com­pas­sion­ate el­der. The Mid­lands mourns and the rest of Zim­babwe joins us in our mourn­ing. He is/was a man of peace. A man that was full of in­tegrity, love and pas­sion for de­vel­op­ment and his peo­ple. In one of his books, John Maxwell, a guru in lead­er­ship, speaks of two old ladies that were walk­ing in a ceme­tery and they saw an in­scrip­tion on the grave read­ing: “Here lies the re­mains of a hon­est man and a politi­cian.” The two ladies burst into laugh­ter and said, “We did not know that they can bury two peo­ple in one grave.” Yes, I can safely say today, the two ladies can come to the ceme­tery where Un­cle will be buried and that state­ment would per­fectly de­scribe the late ex-Gov­er­nor. What a man of hon­esty and in­tegrity. What a legacy!

Un­cle Cephas Ge­orge Msipa stood out like the Bi­b­li­cal Peter, he was rock solid like his name. He was some­one that did not give up to his call.

He was one leader who knew how to use the so­cial me­dia. He never used the me­dia to dis­ad­van­tage any­one or to his ad­van­tage in all his ef­fec­tive com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Yes, a man that com­manded re­spect right from his ru­ral home up to the na­tion. He was a man that asked ques­tions like a good leader. It would be pru­dent to try and syn­chro­nize the fol­low­ing ques­tions with what un­cle Msipa stood for.

How did un­cle Msipa dis­cover his unique pur­pose as a leader? He talked to peo­ple. He lis­tened to the peo­ple. He took for­ward the peo­ple’s needs. He was a ser­vant leader. He did not seek his per­sonal needs first. He ad­vanced peo­ple’s needs ahead of self. Un­cle Msipa was unique and he re­mains unique in that he stood up for the truth. He kept telling the peo­ple the truth. He was the only gen­uine leader that spoke to and with the Pres­i­dent about the state of the na­tion and po­lit­i­cal sit­u­a­tion in Zim­babwe. Yes even the Pres­i­dent knows that he was an hon­est man. As re­ported in the me­dia, the Pres­i­dent did not hes­i­tate to de­clare un­cle CG Msipa a na­tional hero. He was unique. He never lied or pleased any­one. He kept his thoughts and spoke his mind. He did this in hu­mil­ity, seek­ing jus­tice and peace. That is what made him unique.

What is the most ef­fec­tive daily habit that un­cle Msipa as leader de­vel­oped?

He was a prac­tic­ing Chris­tian. As an Ex-Da­dayan he def­i­nitely be­came a fully fledged mem­ber of the Church of Christ. I want to believe that once a Church of Christ mem­ber al­ways a Church of Christ. Un­cle CG Msipa ded­i­cated his life to de­velop lead­ers and ed­u­cate the na­tion. There are many univer­sity stu­dents at state uni­ver­si­ties that are ben­e­fit­ing from the CG Msipa Schol­ar­ship fund. This de­sire to de­velop young lead­ers was his hall­mark.

The im­mense con­tri­bu­tion he put to the es­tab­lish­ment and suc­cess of the Mid­lands State Univer­sity can­not be over em­pha­sised. He de­vel­oped this habit so ef­fec­tively that after his demise, this lead­er­ship de­vel­op­ment habit should be sup­ported for­ever. I know full well that there is a Board of Trus­tees for the CG Msipa Foun­da­tion and they will agree with me that this sup­port is needed in this heart rend­ing fi­nan­cial de­ba­cle. I would like to ap­peal to the well wish­ers out there to keep this dream alive by do­nat­ing fi­nan­cial re­sources gen­er­ously to the CG Msipa Foun­da­tion. Long live his ed­u­ca­tional vi­sion.

How did Un­cle CG Msipa mo­ti­vate or un­mo­ti­vate peo­ple? His life was a mo­ti­va­tion. In all his in­ter­ac­tion with the com­mu­nity of Si­boza, Un­cle CG Msipa showed hu­mil­ity. He in­spired all level of ages from the young, the youth and the old.

He was ad­mirable, a joy to in­ter­act with and level headed politi­cian. He knew when to talk pol­i­tics and when to laugh. He was a soft spo­ken and very charm­ing leader. He was charis­matic in speech, never let­ting an op­por­tu­nity go by without speak­ing and in­flu­enc­ing peo­ple to do well. Ev­ery time he stood up to speak, he left ev­ery­one mo­ti­vated. There was there­fore no mo­ment to un­mo­ti­vate any peo­ple.

How did Un­cle CG Msipa work so hard with other dif­fi­cult lead­ers who seem to have no vi­sion?

The leader in Un­cle CG Msipa kept fo­cused. He kept re­mind­ing them of their man­date and was with the peo­ple. As gov­er­nor, he led by ex­am­ple. He made him­self avail­able and ac­ces­si­ble. The bi­ble tells us in Proverbs 18:29 when it says where there is no vi­sion peo­ple per­ish.

Un­cle Msipa har­nessed the lead­er­ship in the Mid­lands and showed them the way. He was a no non­sense leader and bet­ter still, he kept his peace, love and pro­tec­tive fa­ther fig­ure. He com­manded re­spect and showed char­ac­ter. Un­cle Msipa spoke the truth all the time. He was not cor­rupt. He lived a sim­ple life. He coun­selled many peo­ple whose suc­cess is cred­ited to his vi­sion.

Un­cle CG Msipa taught the peo­ple in the Mid­lands that ev­ery leader has room to grow, and the advice he lived will help the many as­pir­ing read­ers, ob­servers, lis­ten­ers and cur­rent lead­ers to as­sess their cur­rent po­si­tion, and struc­ture an ef­fec­tive plan to achieve the goals, vi­sion and legacy left by this great man. He is a na­tional leader, and de­served hero sta­tus as ac­corded and for sure his legacy lives for­ever. Well done our faith­ful leader, gone but will al­ways be re­mem­bered. We love you. Peo­ple of Si­boza, Zvisha­vane and the rest of Zim­babwe recog­nise this trib­ute to our un­cle, fa­ther, grandpa and leader in all as­pects of it.

Rest in Eter­nal Peace Baba Msipa We adore your works and the pur­pose to which they were part. “Lala kahle qhawe lethu! Ulale ngokuthula. Zoro­rai mu­ru­gare aSekuru.” Un­cle CG Msipa you were a con­sol­ing in­spi­ra­tion to us all that knew you as a de­parted son of the Mid­lands.

MHSRIEP Pas­tor Tom­son Dube, Na­tional Tech­nol­ogy Chap­lain, Bu­l­awayo Univer­sity Science and

Cde Cephas Msipa

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