The pend­ing rain

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Ro­mans 4 vs 20 – 21

“He did not wa­ver at the prom­ise of God through un­be­lief, but was strength­ened in faith, giv­ing glory to God and be­ing fully con­vinced that what He had promised He was also able to per­form.

When con­fronted with dif­fi­culty the eas­i­est thing to do is to give up, to sim­ply say, “I can­not do this, it’s too hard and I won’t keep try­ing any­more.” Giv­ing up is the sim­plest thing to do when con­fronted with dif­fi­culty, from the mo­ment you say I wont try any­more, you are lit­er­ally re­leased.

How­ever, giv­ing up is not al­ways the best thing to do, it can some­times come with com­pli­ca­tions that far out­weigh con­fronting the ob­sta­cle in front of you. For the last few months we have been warned that this year will be a drought year in our part of the world.

Sure enough, the weather has acted un­to­ward, the tem­per­a­tures have soared to such alarm­ing lev­els, and the earth has lit­er­ally been on fire. The re­sul­tant ef­fect has been out­right stress through­out the eco­log­i­cal sys­tem.

De­spite the stark signs that all is not well and that it may not rain at all, I was heart­ened to see peo­ple pre­par­ing pieces of land to plant their sea­sonal crops, de­spite the prom­ise that rain will not be forth­com­ing.

Peo­ple ex­hibit faith in dif­fer­ent ways, it’s in­spir­ing to see peo­ple go against the grain, re­gard­less of what they are be­ing told about the fu­ture. Th­ese pre­pared plots of land that I saw are tes­ti­mony of peo­ple be­liev­ing in a higher call­ing. A be­lief that God is God and at just the right time He can make the im­pos­si­ble pos­si­ble, things that man has writ­ten off can be made right by Him.

I don’t know how the sea­son will pan out, all I can tes­tify to is that it’s hot beyond mea­sure. The truth how­ever is that God, the cre­ator of the weather, is in con­trol de­spite what we may see and feel, in an in­stant He can make it rain, cool the earth and make it bear­able.

The Bi­ble tells the story of Peter and the other dis­ci­ples who had been fish­ing for a few days without suc­cess. They had lit­er­ally given up on catch­ing the fish they had been search­ing so des­per­ately for. Sub­se­quently, Je­sus came on to the scene and asked them to go out again and cast their nets into the wa­ter.

The story goes that they caught so much fish their nets were burst­ing at the seams. It’s in­ter­est­ing that the very same waters where they had been fish­ing without suc­cess, were the same waters that they caught the catch of their life.

Such is our God that what ap­pears hope­less can be brought to life in such dra­matic cir­cum­stances. Peter could have cho­sen to sim­ply say, I tried to fish and I caught noth­ing so I will not waste my time, re­gard­less of your re­quest. Peter chose to lis­ten and be­cause he lis­tened and took in­struc­tions, his faith was re­warded.

Like Peter, we are in the same boat and some­times we must just agree to do the im­pos­si­ble. We must agree to not give up and trust that the Lord can cre­ate op­por­tu­nity or al­low for fish to sud­denly be there where it was not be­fore.

Be­liev­ing that He can, ex­er­cis­ing our faith by start­ing to work to­wards the ful­fill­ment of what we believe has been promised to us, is one of the fun­da­men­tal steps in the pursuit of faith.

Like the farm­ers who have cho­sen to pre­pare and plant their seeds in faith de­spite the pre­vail­ing cli­matic con­di­tions and what has been fore­cast, we too should start to pre­pare to re­ceive our mir­a­cles and not give up.

He can do the im­pos­si­ble for you and be­fore you know it, your nets will be spilling over with fish caught in the most un­likely waters.

Be blessed

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