Re­n­amo a se­cu­rity threat to Zimbabwe

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ED­I­TOR — Re­cently Zim­bab­weans were alarmed by claims that Mozam­bi­can Na­tional Re­sis­tance (Re­n­amo) is train­ing some mis­guided Zim­bab­weans to em­bark on acts of ban­ditry in their peace­ful coun­try.

One, Jeff Ju­da­hosana, posted video clips on line claim­ing that he is the com­man­der of a shad­owy ter­ror­ist group, Smoke That Thun­ders, which is re­cruit­ing Zimbabwean males aged be­tween 20 and 45 years to un­dergo train­ing by Re­n­amo in Cerra de Goron­goza, Mozam­bique, with the in­ten­tion of car­ry­ing out acts of ban­ditry against the Gov­ern­ment be­fore this year’s Christ­mas.

The de­ranged ban­dit, Ju­da­hosana, fur­ther claimed that his group was of­fered a mil­i­tary train­ing base in Goron­goza by Re­n­amo.

Some Zim­bab­weans have dis­missed the man as just a hood­lum who is po­lit­i­cally pos­tur­ing and even in­sane, but such danger­ous ut­ter­ances can­not be just dis­missed or taken lightly.

Ju­da­hosana also heaped praise on Mor­gan Ts­van­gi­rai and his party, the MDC-T, for al­legedly stand­ing up to Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe and Zanu-PF. He went on to men­tion top se­cu­rity of­fi­cers, and Gov­ern­ment lead­ers, in­clud­ing Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe, his ter­ror­ist group in­tends to tar­get. The Re­n­amo leader, Afonso Dh­lakama, has since re­vealed that Ts­van­gi­rai is his close friend; so MDC-T owes Zim­bab­weans an ex­pla­na­tion on whether it is linked to Ju­da­hosana and his ter­ror­ist groups’ ac­tions. Se­cu­rity forces should hunt down Ju­da­hosana and make him re­gret as one can­not just pub­licly bluff threat­en­ing to carry out acts of ter­ror­ism against a coun­try. He should be made to pay for his reck­less ut­ter­ances.

Zim­bab­weans are aware that MDC-T is a vi­o­lent party as ev­i­denced by the sense­less may­hem that party car­ried out in the coun­try in re­cent month through its Ta­ja­muka/Se­si­jik­ile thugs and hood­lums. MDC-T hooli­gans have petrol-bombed po­lice sta­tions and pub­lic trans­port in the past. Ts­van­gi­rai is on record threat­en­ing to re­move Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe from power vi­o­lently. So it’s up to that party to clar­ify its po­si­tion in ref­er­ence to acts of ter­ror­ism promised to be per­pe­trated on Zimbabwe by Ju­da­hosana.

In March 2016, Nyanga North Na­tional As­sem­bly mem­ber, Hu­bert Nyan­hongo, told the House that Re­n­amo was re­cruit­ing Zimbabwean youths for mil­i­tary train­ing. Through its bru­tal­ity, Re­n­amo has caused dis­place­ment of many Mozam­bi­cans, es­pe­cially those of Zimbabwean ori­gin, who are now refugees in neigh­bour­ing coun­tries in­clud­ing Zimbabwe. By July 2016 hun­dreds of refugees were ac­com­mo­dated in Mabuye Vil­lage, Chipinge, in makeshift tents made from mos­quito nets.

The sit­u­a­tion at the camp was pa­thetic as there was no clean wa­ter and ablu­tion fa­cil­i­ties, thereby cre­at­ing con­di­tions for pos­si­ble out­breaks of epi­demics like cholera. Chil­dren of these refugees are not go­ing to school. The refugees claimed that they were be­ing per­se­cuted by Re­n­amo for al­legedly sup­port­ing the Fre­limo gov­ern­ment. Re­n­amo ex­torts money and also forcibly takes away cat­tle, goats and other prop­er­ties from de­fence­less peo­ple af­ter se­verely as­sault­ing them.

Re­n­amo is loot­ing hos­pi­tals and clin­ics as well as at­tack­ing ve­hi­cles on ma­jor high­ways in Mozam­bique re­sult­ing in many deaths. Zim­bab­weans have not for­got­ten Re­n­amo’s bru­tal­ity at the height of Mozam­bique’s civil war that ended in 1992.

Thou­sands of Zim­bab­weans were ei­ther killed or maimed dur­ing Re­n­amo’s in­cur­sions into the coun­try. Re­n­amo has also as­sas­si­nated many Fre­limo politi­cians in re­cent years. It is there­fore only pru­dent for Zimbabwe’s se­cu­rity forces to ur­gently en­gage their Mozam­bi­can col­leagues in or­der to get to the bot­tom of this dis­turb­ing de­vel­op­ment be­fore it gets out of hand.

Re­n­amo should clar­ify whether it is a fact that it is in­volved in train­ing and sup­ply­ing lo­gis­tics like arms of war to ter­ror­ists who in­tend to cause may­hem in Zimbabwe.

If it re­mains silent over the claims then Zim­bab­weans should not be blamed for be­liev­ing that Ju­da­hosana’s claims are au­then­tic and that Re­n­amo has be­come a se­cu­rity threat to Zimbabwe once more. Chadz­imura Mhute, via e-mail

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