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Ec­cle­si­astes 4 vs 4 “And I saw that all toil and all achieve­ment spring from one per­son’s envy of an­other. This too is mean­ing­less, a chas­ing af­ter the wind.”

We all have peo­ple we ad­mire or look up to, we want to be like them and some­times we model our be­hav­iour around these peo­ple. They rep­re­sent the sum to­tal of ev­ery­thing good that we as­pire to be.

Fa­mous ac­tors, ac­tresses, suc­cess­ful global mu­si­cians and fa­mous peo­ple are the most com­monly revered peo­ple. Ev­ery­thing about them rep­re­sents the per­fec­tion that life is. They live in big houses, have big cars, and seem to have lots of money and when­ever they are be­fore us they look so glam­orous. One could al­most con­clude that they are from a dif­fer­ent world.

The global me­dia has mag­ni­fied them to be­ing be­yond hu­man. If an in­ter­na­tional su­per­star vis­its a place or a coun­try they are ac­corded the treat­ment and hos­pi­tal­ity that only roy­alty de­serves. They seem to have ev­ery­thing that life can pos­si­bly of­fer, their lives are pic­ture per­fect.

While watch­ing the news re­cently, I learnt with sad­ness that one such ac­tor had been dis­cov­ered dead in his apart­ment. The news re­ported that he had died of a drug over­dose. Among his cir­cles it was a pub­lic se­cret that he de­pended on drugs to keep go­ing. He needed to con­tin­u­ally par­take of these sub­stances to re­main on a high. That high gave him the abil­ity to face the world, to hide his fears and be this su­per hu­man we had all come to ad­mire and love.

It got me think­ing of many other tal­ented fa­mous in­di­vid­u­als who had passed away as a re­sult of the abuse of the sub­stances they were con­sum­ing. The list is end­less, there are so many of them, each one fight­ing some de­mon or the other.

Some­times the per­son they por­tray is not al­ways the re­al­ity that they live. Hu­mans by na­ture, de­spite their stature or sta­tion in life, all grap­ple with the same is­sues; they could be in­se­cu­ri­ties, con­fi­dence is­sues, emo­tional trauma, fam­ily strug­gles, or fi­nan­cial prob­lems. We all have is­sues, what dif­fers from per­son to per­son is the mag­ni­tude.

The world has cre­ated the per­cep­tion of hu­man be­ings who are de­void of prob­lems or is­sues, the global view they dis­play is a pic­ture per­fect life, ev­ery sin­gle hair is prop­erly trimmed and sits right, the lip­stick has a tinge of gloss that you can­not quite repli­cate, no mat­ter how hard you try.

The re­al­ity how­ever is that these fa­mous peo­ple are just like you and I, they are vul­ner­a­ble in­di­vid­u­als who need some­thing greater than them­selves to live. As I thought about the para­dox that I ex­plained above, it made me re­alise that for the greater por­tion of our lives we are trying so hard to be these peo­ple, these same peo­ple with feel­ings like you and I.

As your world be­comes larger, the is­sues at play be­come larger, the dif­fi­cul­ties you face in­crease in mag­ni­tude and form. Are you wish­ing to be some­one else to­day?

The very per­son you are wish­ing to be has their own set of in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal con­flicts that they are grap­pling with.

God cre­ated you in His image, the only you there can be; a unique in­di­vid­ual with a great call­ing. We all have a pur­pose, a pur­pose far greater than what is be­fore you.

As you wish and think about what you can be, start liv­ing your life on the ba­sis of the unique gift that is you. Did you know that even though you may not know it, there are peo­ple who ad­mire you and wish they were you?

You are an am­bas­sador for the Lord; use ev­ery op­por­tu­nity you get to be the per­son He in­tended for you to be. What­ever chal­lenges, set­backs and draw­backs you may be fac­ing, God scripted the story of your life with an end goal in mind.

Start liv­ing for that pur­pose, dis­cover it and find the foun­tain of hap­pi­ness that is wait­ing for you. The an­swers to life do not lie in you be­ing that great and fa­mous per­son known by the world. If that is your destiny then, as you ful­fil your pur­pose, you will dis­cover that life still re­mains the same. You still feel, eat, cry and above else you still need some­thing far greater than you to keep steer­ing you along. We all need the fuel of life, that fuel is Christ our Lord and Saviour, find Him to­day. Be the star you were meant to be.

Be blessed

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