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Be blessed Psalm 51 vs 10

“CRE­ATE in me a clean heart, O God, and re­new a stead­fast spirit within me.”

While read­ing a de­vo­tion, I came across the story of Cain and Abel; what a tragic story of mal­ice and mis­placed hu­man am­bi­tion. A jeal­ous streak led to death and the first recorded case of mur­der.

It’s in­ter­est­ing but Cain and Abel could be you and I, our re­la­tion­ships are de­fined by sim­i­lar cir­cum­stances. There are peo­ple we ad­mire or look up to, to an ex­tent that our de­sire to be them can lead to a heavy heart that’s loaded with mal­ice and ha­tred.

The to­tal man­i­fes­ta­tion of th­ese ac­tions can be noth­ing less than pure and sheer evil. How many times has our de­sire to be the next per­son driven us to thoughts that are less than pleas­ant? What leads a per­son to be­ing jeal­ous, to be­ing of a dis­po­si­tion than can only seek to harm rather than love?

Ul­ti­mately Cain paid the ul­ti­mate price for the pleas­ing of­fer­ings he pre­sented to the Lord. In­stead of fol­low­ing in the foot­steps of his brother and pre­sent­ing a per­fect sac­ri­fice to the Lord, Abel de­cided that to elim­i­nate would be the only re­course to deal with the prob­lem. A num­ber of sce­nar­ios could have oc­curred, one be­ing that he could have sim­ply asked his brother for as­sis­tance and guid­ance.

How many times do we shy away from ask­ing for help and rather de­cide to re­sort to means that are un­to­ward to achieve our ob­jec­tive? A set of prop­erly con­structed words, gov­erned by a meek heart that is prayer­ful, is the dif­fer­ence be­tween a course of action that is pleas­ing to the Lord and one that is not.

When we re­sort to be­ing hu­man and take mat­ters in our hands, how many times do we run away from the re­al­ity of the course of action we took? We smile, pre­tend and sweep things un­der the car­pet rather than seek the Lord in prayer ask­ing for for­give­ness whilst also en­gag­ing those that we have wronged.

Ev­ery­thing boils down to choices, the paths that we choose are de­pen­dent on where we have cho­sen to place our hearts. They are ei­ther at the throne of the maker who will guide, sub­due and cor­rect or to our own will that is self-de­struc­tive, self­ish and hurt­ful.

Though we may de­sire so much to be some­one else, the re­al­ity is that the Lord has cre­ated a mas­ter piece in you. The choices you have to make are whether you choose to live your life in ful­fill­ment of the tal­ents that have been placed in your hands or you will try so hard to run away from your des­tiny choos­ing rather to fo­cus on other peo­ple’s gifts.

A con­certed ef­fort to be­come the very best you can be is all that is re­quired. All too of­ten we go out of our way to run away from our God given abil­ity, choos­ing rather to look for all the ex­cuses un­der the sun that we can come up with for not be­ing the peo­ple we should be.

Pray that the Lord will guide your spirit, tame it and help you be of a pure heart. Think of all the hurt you may have caused oth­ers all be­cause you made de­ci­sions based on getting ahead at the ex­pense of the next per­son.

He will di­rect your ways if you let Him. He will help you to spread love rather than mal­ice and hurt. Al­low him to do that in your life to­day.

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