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Jeremiah 33 vs 3

“Call to Me, and I will an­swer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”

Not so long ago, I dis­cov­ered that think­ing is one of the most dif­fi­cult as­pects of life. To have the abil­ity to see things in a log­i­cal man­ner, break down is­sues and care­fully chart a way for­ward, is a gift that eludes many.

It’s eas­ier to just fum­ble through life and ab­di­cate from the re­spon­si­bil­ity of thought. When you move away from your God given abil­ity to syn­the­sise and think through things, you be­gin to em­bark on a per­ilous jour­ney that is marred by medi­ocrity, de­jec­tion and fail­ure.

Suc­cess is the abil­ity to start some­thing and see it through, to wade with it in both the shal­low and the deep wa­ters and cross the fin­ish line with it. Peo­ple gen­er­ally feel that Chris­tian­ity or the prac­tice of faith means that your life is go­ing to be eas­ier, and that through it you will start re­ceiv­ing all man­ner of gifts with very lit­tle ef­fort.

Our prayer is to lead a life of ease where we wine, dine and en­joy ev­ery­thing that life can of­fer. When this and many other prayers are not met, we be­come dis­il­lu­sioned with the process of prayer and the be­lief of God. Within this life we have been given, we owe it to our­selves to be able to think through things and care­fully put ev­ery­thing in the sec­tion they are meant to be.

The abil­ity to see things clearly is a gift that only the Lord can be­stow on a per­son; one of the most sig­nif­i­cant prayers you can ever make is to ask the Lord to give you the gift of clar­ity of thought.

Once you be­gin to see things clearly, this will be the turn­ing point in your life. You will be­gin to see the world in a to­tally dif­fer­ent light; things that were dif­fi­cult and con­cepts that were ab­stract will come alive and the world as you know it, will take on a new di­men­sion.

To tap on this end­less re­source of thought, one must at­tune his senses to the Lord. You must be­gin to lis­ten a lot more than you have ever done. One might ask: how do you lis­ten? So many peo­ple live in a world where they have very lit­tle time to just be still and lis­ten, to al­low the mind to breathe, and re­lease it from the end­less worry that it is ac­cus­tomed to.

Start by seek­ing inspiration through the things that in­spire you, things that make you happy and al­low you to hear the Lord. Through read­ing your Bi­ble in these mo­ments, His word will be­gin to speak in a lan­guage that res­onates with your needs and senses, ev­ery verse read will be a per­sonal let­ter to you and your sit­u­a­tion.

As you be­gin to get ac­cus­tomed to a rou­tine of quiet time where your mind is wan­der­ing in the realm of inspiration, you will be­gin to see a new world open unto you. Many have taken the read­ing of the Bi­ble as a pur­suit not worth fol­low­ing, but in these pe­ri­ods of re­flec­tion, the Bi­ble will be­gin to open your mind to things and ideas you never thought were pos­si­ble.

Thought is the sum to­tal of the de­ci­sions you will make, the things you will do thereof, and the choices you will set­tle on. Pray that the Lord will open your mind, breathe life into your ves­sels and that you be­gin to see life with a new clar­ity as never seen be­fore. Find your way to great­ness through Him that cre­ated you.

Be blessed.

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