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1 Ti­mothy 6 vs 12

“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eter­nal life, to which you were also called and have con­fessed the good con­fes­sion in the pres­ence of many wit­nesses.”

In our quest to lead cer­tain life­styles, we some­times lose track of what our end goal is. Why do we seek the Lord, why do we go to church, why do we pray? It’s eas­ier to at­tribute the need of God to our im­me­di­ate cir­cum­stances, to the life we lead to­day, to our de­sires and wants, and our de­sire for the Lord to res­cue us from our cur­rent ex­is­tence.

To many, fel­low­ship with the Lord is a way of run­ning away from to­day’s re­al­ity. It’s as if the only re­ward we de­sire is a bet­ter life to­day. Lost in our de­sire for es­cape is a truth we tend to shy away from; the gospel has been given to us to not only lib­er­ate us from to­day, but tomorrow as well. It’s eas­ier to dwell on present day and all its re­quire­ments, but surely the ques­tion must be asked: af­ter I have dealt with my to­day what will hap­pen with my tomorrow when I die?

The the­ol­ogy of mir­a­cles and won­ders stands out, we all want af­fir­ma­tion. To read the scrip­tures and see the Lord in ac­tion mow­ing down one’s en­e­mies and declar­ing “vengeance is mine” and the prom­ise that He can do the same for us as He did for David and the oth­ers is an amaz­ing prom­ise to hold on to, more so when you are caught be­tween a rock and a hard place.

To­day I would like you to fo­cus on why you are a Chris­tian or are try­ing to be a per­son of faith. When con­fronted by Je­sus, the rich young ruler was told to aban­don ev­ery­thing and fol­low him. What a dif­fi­cult propo­si­tion that proved to be!

Are we not bur­dened by the same chal­lenge? What does it mean to “for­sake all else and fol­low Him”, how can it be done? We all have pet sins that we en­joy im­mensely, the prospect of never do­ing them or aban­don­ing them for good can be quite har­row­ing. Can it re­ally be done?

The ques­tion we must ask our­selves is: what do we re­ally want con­cern­ing our lives? What is this re­ally about; is it about the mind­less ac­qui­si­tion and preser­va­tion of wealth, the fight just to live, is there more, and how can this “more” be found and un­der­stood?

These are ques­tions only you can an­swer, your an­swers are based on what you have de­cided your life is about. Have you ded­i­cated it to a greater goal than self, is there more to the hus­tle and bus­tle of wak­ing up and fight­ing to pay the bills, to eat and sleep, and to wake up to the same rou­tine over and over again?

Is it about ac­quir­ing that car that you de­sire, the big house you want or that lovely dress you can­not seem to get out of your mind? The ques­tion should there­fore be asked; af­ter I have ac­quired these things, what is the next step? Does the cy­cle start all over again?

Take time to re­de­fine your life, to search for, and seek to get, an un­der­stand­ing of what re­ally mat­ters to you. De­fine your life not only in terms of to­day but ul­ti­mately what a Chris­tian ex­pe­ri­ence truly means to you, if any­thing at all.

The prospect of work­ing for a bet­ter tomorrow is what drives many, but what does it re­ally mean? How is it re­lated to how you live to­day, how you re­late to oth­ers and how you will make the world a bet­ter place?

Your chal­lenge to­day is to de­fine what your life is about and what it is that you re­ally wake up to do and pur­sue. Do these things re­ally mat­ter and will they help the next per­son? Re­de­fine your­self and find more mean­ing to this life that you have.

He is will­ing to help you an­swer those ques­tions, seek and you will find the an­swers to life as de­fined by Him. I pray that you find new mean­ing for your life.

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