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Colos­sians 2 vs 2 – 3 “…that their hearts may be en­cour­aged, be­ing knit to­gether in love, and at­tain­ing to all riches of the full as­sur­ance of un­der­stand­ing, to the knowl­edge of the mys­tery of God, both of the Father and of Christ, in whom are hid­den all the treasures of wis­dom and knowl­edge.”

Each time you read the Bi­ble, it has this unique abil­ity to speak to you. No mat­ter how many times you read sto­ries that are fa­mil­iar, they jump out at you with a new rev­e­la­tion and mean­ing as you ponder on them.

For a while now like many of us, I wanted so much to be­lieve that this verse, Jeremiah 29 vs 11 which says “I have plans to pros­per you…” speaks about ma­te­rial pros­per­ity. I sup­pose that is our daily prayer, that the Lord may bless each of us with wealth.

We want so des­per­ately for Him to bless us in a way that we will un­der­stand and in this in­stance, it is in the ma­te­rial things He gives us. We love things, both big and small, and we are so re­cep­tive to re­ceiv­ing gifts, we lit­er­ally live for things.

We have de­fined life on the ba­sis of what we can amass. We look at our neigh­bors and think, why can’t I have what they have? Our lives be­come com­pli­cated the minute our eyes go ahead of us and our de­sires take charge.

We want so much to have all the things the world has de­fined as be­ing hip and cool. As we grow in stature we want the trap­pings that de­fine who we are. The ma­jor­ity of our prob­lems are as a re­sult of the things we want and de­sire. We will do any­thing and ev­ery­thing to have the things we want; we will lie, steal, hurt and maim, all in a bid to get ahead.

The ques­tion is, why do we have such an in­sa­tiable ap­petite, what drives us to want and want? Why can this de­sire not be quenched? So in a bid to meet these needs we have said, “For God to be real in my life, He must be a God that gives.”

We have gone a step fur­ther by defin­ing what God should give us, scrip­ture has been per­verted to only mean that for you to know that God can hear you, God must aptly show this through en­sur­ing that you have your heart’s de­sires.

How­ever, out­side of things, there is some­thing greater that He is urg­ing us to seek. He is say­ing: I want to pros­per you spir­i­tu­ally. The Bi­ble says, “What does it ben­e­fit a man to gain the world but lose his soul?”

Have you ever thought that the Lord in­tended for us to be rich in spirit, to be to­tally driven by a de­sire to know His word and bask in know­ing Him? It is eas­ier to seek things but we should first and fore­most seek Him in our lives. When we pros­per through the knowl­edge of Him, it to­tally changes how we view and see things.

Our re­ac­tion to ma­te­rial things changes all of a sud­den and the storms in our lives take a turn for the bet­ter. In­stead of see­ing them as prob­lems that en­gulf us, we be­gin to see them as an op­por­tu­nity for God to shine in our lives. We see Him through the eyes of a child and in ev­ery­thing, see the good that was in­tended to man­i­fest even­tu­ally.

The need of the hour is for peo­ple who are firmly grounded in God’s word, peo­ple who know God and, as a re­sult, are hap­pier and more con­fi­dent. Their bless­ings are not about the things they have, but are about the peace of mind they have that an­chors them.

We all want to pros­per but what can be more pre­cious than to have the peace that sur­passes all un­der­stand­ing, re­gard­less of where we may find our­selves. Al­low Him to pros­per your spirit to a point where you find peace.

Be blessed.

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