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Psalm 96 vs 2 – 3

“Sing to the LORD, bless His name; pro­claim the good news of His sal­va­tion from day to day. De­clare His glory among the na­tions, His won­ders among all peo­ples.”

We all have spheres or ar­eas of in­ter­est or ex­per­tise that we ded­i­cate a sig­nif­i­cant amount of our time to. It could be a ca­reer or a hobby, we all have things that we love to do, and some of th­ese ac­tiv­i­ties are now syn­ony­mous with our names. We spend large amounts of time do­ing the things we con­sider im­por­tant.

We ded­i­cate time to ac­tiv­i­ties in or­der of im­por­tance. Have you ever won­dered why you go to church or why you seek the Lord? Of­ten times it’s re­ally a mat­ter of what we can get out of it.

We some­how be­lieve that seeking to be Godly with­out be­ing Christ-like can yield re­sults. Many of us are re­li­gious and ex­tremely pi­ous but are far from God. It’s im­por­tant to know that even though we have been freely given of sal­va­tion and the abil­ity to seek Him and be in His pres­ence, there are things that are asked of us.

It’s very easy to for­get or to not think of the fact that the Lord has asked each of us to do a work on His be­half. We have all been tasked with spread­ing His word to the ends of the earth. We some­times be­lieve that the only task at hand is to be in church ev­ery week, make end­less prayer re­quests and just wait on Him.

Yet the truth is that He has asked each of us to do a work, an im­por­tant work of teach­ing about His per­son, His love and His mercy. The apos­tle Paul, on his fa­mous jour­ney to Da­m­as­cus, met with a bright light that was the pres­ence of the Lord. The re­main­der of the story speaks of his trans­for­ma­tion as a per­son; to his even­tual state of be­ing one of the most re­spected per­sons to have fur­thered the spread of Chris­tian­ity at great per­sonal pain and harm to him­self.

He un­der­stood what he had been asked to do and he went on to do it with all his heart. It is easy to re­ceive the word and ap­ply it to our per­sonal lives, but out­side of the need for us to be fed and nour­ished by the word, there are peo­ple in our midst aching and long­ing to be spo­ken to.

We are all called to be min­is­ters of re­li­gion, but what tends to hap­pen is that when the op­por­tu­nity to share and min­is­ter arises, we run away from the work to be done. We firmly be­lieve that it is for oth­ers, not us, and that we are not qual­i­fied enough to speak on th­ese mat­ters. Yet the truth is that we know Him in our lives, enough for us to share with those that need to hear the gospel.

It is eas­ier to speak about our hob­bies and the things we like, like the re­sults of the match last night. From the start of the day we share of our ex­cite­ment of the teams that are to play, we fol­low ev­ery­thing about our su­per­stars to the minute de­tail, yet we fail at our most im­por­tant task, to share about the one who saved us.

This week, make a con­scious ef­fort to share the good news with some one. Speak about what you know and what He has done for you. Take very op­por­tu­nity pre­sented for di­a­logue to be the min­is­ter you are called to be and re­mem­ber He will as­sist you in your work, af­ter all it is His work and He promised to send a helper.

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