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My name is Takunda Mu­tanho. I am look­ing for my fa­ther Jer­i­fanos Mu­tanho. He di­vorced my mother, An­thia Mi­idzo M in 1998. Dur­ing that time he worked at ZWADU, (a work­ers’ hous­ing union) and he lived with his un­cle, Makheto, at Mabutweni in Bu­l­awayo. He left my mother while she was preg­nant. My fa­ther comes from Gokwe and he had a young brother called Richard Mu­tanho. If there is any­one who knows Mr Jer­i­fanos Mu­tanho or mem­bers of the Mu­tanho fam­ily, please feel free to call me on these phone num­bers: 0777 193 204 (Mai Takunda); 0774 377 934 (Mukoma wa Takunda) or 0774 647 605. May God bless you all Chron­i­cle Edi­to­rial staff. Long live Chron­i­cle, the na­tion’s liveli­est news­pa­per. — Takunda Mu­tanho. IF you watch MPs play­ing in Par­lia­ment you won’t be sur­prised why hos­pi­tals do not “want” to treat pa­tients. Where is the Min­is­ter of Health and Child Care Dr David Parireny­atwa? There is no money to buy medicines but there is money to waste spon­sor­ing MPs who go to the au­gust House to play. — E.S.

Dr David Parireny­atwa

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