Govt ex­pands civil ser­vants’ hous­ing scheme

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THE Gov­ern­ment has ex­panded the civil ser­vants’ res­i­den­tial stands scheme to in­cor­po­rate all its workers, in­clud­ing those who are not mem­bers of the staff as­so­ci­a­tions that bro­kered the project.

Ini­tially, 100 000 civil ser­vants were tar­geted to get res­i­den­tial stands from the scheme as part of Gov­ern­ment’s ef­forts to give its workers non-mone­tary in­cen­tives.

The num­ber is ex­pected to bal­loon fol­low­ing the move by Gov­ern­ment to take on board ev­ery civil ser­vant.

Civil ser­vants un­der the Apex Coun­cil will to­day sub­mit their names to the Ministry of Lo­cal Gov­ern­ment, Public Works and National Hous­ing, while names for those out­side the staff as­so­ci­a­tions will be sub­mit­ted by the Civil Ser­vice Com­mis­sion.

Civil Ser­vice Com­mis­sion sec­re­tary Mrs Pretty Sun­guro has since di­rected all heads of min­istries to com­pile lists for civil ser­vants in­ter­ested in the project.

The dead­line for the sub­mis­sion of the names was last Fri­day.

“The sec­re­tary for Lo­cal Gov­ern­ment, Public Works and National Hous­ing ad­vised that the Ministry held a meet­ing with mem­bers of the Apex Coun­cil with the ob­jec­tive of se­cur­ing res­i­den­tial stands for their mem­bers, and the staff as­so­ci­a­tions are cur­rently com­pil­ing lists of po­ten­tial ben­e­fi­cia­ries,” reads Mrs Sun­guro’s let­ter dated Novem­ber 4, 2016.

“It was, how­ever, ob­served that some civil ser­vants are not mem­bers of the re­spec­tive staff as­so­ci­a­tions and would there­fore not be in­cluded on the list. In view of the above, the com­mis­sion is re­quest­ing heads of min­istries to sub­mit de­tails of mem­bers who wish to be in­cluded in the scheme with the fol­low­ing in­for­ma­tion: Name and EC num­ber, des­ig­na­tion, depart­ment, age, res­i­den­tial area pref­er­ence, city/town and con­tact de­tails, in­clud­ing phone num­ber.”

Added Mrs Sun­guro: “It would be greatly ap­pre­ci­ated if the lists could be sub­mit­ted to the Com­mis­sion by 11 Novem­ber 2016 for on­ward trans­mis­sion to the sec­re­tary for Lo­cal Gov­ern­ment, Public Works and National Hous­ing.”

Heads of min­istries have since com­mu­ni­cated the in­for­ma­tion in var­i­ous provinces.

After sub­mis­sion of names to­day, Gov­ern­ment and civil ser­vants are ex­pected to work on the im­ple­men­ta­tion ma­trix.

The lists would as­sist Gov­ern­ment in allocating land in var­i­ous cities and towns.

Hous­ing de­liv­ery is one of the key goals of Zim-As­set and Gov­ern­ment in­tends to pro­vide 300 000 units to the peo­ple by 2018.

Apex Coun­cil chair­per­son Mrs Ce­cilia Alexan­der said yes­ter­day: “We are meet­ing to­day (yes­ter­day) to con­sol­i­date our lists ahead of to­mor­row’s meet­ing where we will sub­mit the names.

“The list of names will be ac­com­pa­nied by a sum­mary of the to­tal num­ber of in­tended ben­e­fi­cia­ries sub­mit­ted in each pre­ferred area and fur­ther break­down of the re­quired den­sity that is: high, medium or low den­sity. The re­sponse is over­whelm­ing, a clear sign that ev­ery worker is in need of hous­ing stands.”

The spe­cific hous­ing scheme will go a long way in cush­ion­ing civil ser­vants who have seen many schemes be­ing es­tab­lished in their names, but ben­e­fited out­siders and po­lit­i­cal big­wigs.

This has re­sulted in many Gov­ern­ment workers be­ing duped by land barons.

Pro­gres­sive Teach­ers’ Union of Zimbabwe sec­re­tarygen­eral Mr Ray­mond Ma­jongwe said Gov­ern­ment should en­sure that no big­wig ben­e­fited from the scheme.

“We have ini­ti­ated this project and now it is in­clud­ing ev­ery­one and we don’t want to be dis­em­pow­ered and for­got­ten about,” he said.

“There are big­wigs and di­rec­tors who have ben­e­fited from other pro­jects be­fore who must not come in and spoil things for the peo­ple who do not have any­thing.

“We don’t want to see any­one who runs an of­fice ben­e­fit­ing. When the process now in­cludes the Civil Ser­vice Com­mis­sion, we sus­pect big­wigs will end up get­ting pri­or­ity, but then we warn them that we will not fold our hands as we are pre­pared to take the mat­ter with Pres­i­dent Mu­gabe. We know the Pres­i­dent is aware of the project and would want to see or­di­nary peo­ple ben­e­fit­ing.”

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