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Matthew 6 vs 25 – 26 “There­fore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than cloth­ing? Look at the birds of the air, for they nei­ther sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your Heav­enly Fa­ther feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

A few days ago I saw some­one I had not seen in a very long time, as we got speak­ing I re­marked that they had lost so much weight and that they needed to slow down on their diet.

“Oh my brother”, she said, “I am wor­ried so much that some­times I can­not eat and I don’t sleep. I worry about my chil­dren, I worry about their fu­ture. I re­ally should try and eat, I sup­pose.”

As I got think­ing, I was sad­dened by her set of cir­cum­stances, a once vi­brant and healthy per­son had be­come a shadow of their former self. She was slowly los­ing her zest for life and life was be­com­ing a drag rather than a bless­ing.

I guess we are all guilty of worry in dif­fer­ent forms, we re­act and deal with cir­cum­stances dif­fer­ently. Over time I have learnt one fun­da­men­tal les­son: whether you worry or not, what­ever is meant to hap­pen will hap­pen.

There are very few things that we ac­tu­ally have di­rect con­trol over, you cant even cat­e­gor­i­cally tell whether the sun will come out to­mor­row or whether you will be alive to see it or even en­joy it.

One of the most dif­fi­cult lessons to learn is to ac­cept that God is in con­trol and that de­spite our prayers, wishes and de­sires, we are just pawns in a big­ger game than we will ever un­der­stand.

Wor­ry­ing or fret­ting will not add a sin­gle day to your life or al­ter the is­sues as we know and un­der­stand them. Time has of­ten taught us that things will sort them­selves out and so­lu­tions to di­verse and com­plex is­sues will be found.

Un­for­tu­nately, pain is not some­thing we can erad­i­cate in this life­time. We all have things we yearn and de­sire for; they will al­ways be there. In our pur­suit of these things, which in­clude re­la­tion­ships, things won’t al­ways go the way we want them to.

How­ever, our lives will fol­low a path that is partly be­cause of our choices and the other part is di­vine in the man­ner and form it me­an­ders and takes us to paths unknown.

The bi­ble is a book filled with mys­tery that has one un­der­ly­ing prin­ci­ple: God will al­ter cir­cum­stances and take His peo­ple where He has de­cided, at His time. It could be an Abra­ham, an Es­ther or a Jonah; in His time He will move peo­ple and sit­u­a­tions to meet His goal for their life.

His plan for you could be a chance en­counter with a per­son you cross paths with, and the ef­fects of that can have far reach­ing con­se­quences on your life and oth­ers you may never know.

God is the artist, you are the can­vas, and all He de­sires is that you ac­cept that you are His cre­ation and al­low your­self to be used in His greater plan for hu­man­ity.

So if there are things you are los­ing sleep over, please don’t. There is very lit­tle you can do about most of the is­sues at hand, you just have to live by faith, ac­cept­ing that you are be­ing led by Him. As He rightly says in the book of Matthew, “and who of you by be­ing wor­ried can add a sin­gle hour to his life?”

So for those who can’t sleep or eat and are wor­ried sick about to­mor­row, know that God is watch­ing over you. Trust Him to take charge, one day at a time, with some pain and dis­com­fort here and there. Even­tu­ally you will be­come a sanc­ti­fied per­son of faith, who knows that there is a greater force con­trol­ling their life and they should sur­ren­der to it.

Be blessed.

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