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Psalms 115 vs 1 “Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but to your name give glory, be­cause of your mercy, be­cause of your truth.”

We live in a world where peo­ple live in such a way that they be­lieve they are in to­tal con­trol of their destiny. It’s of­ten eas­ier to bury your head in the sand and be­lieve this lie.

The av­er­age hu­man be­ing is ego­is­tic and there­fore firmly be­lieves that the net ef­fect of all the de­ci­sions they make is the re­sul­tant out­come they may be ex­pe­ri­enc­ing. They are quick to take on the per­spec­tive that they make things hap­pen and that be­cause of these great choices and the abil­ity they have, they can firmly con­clude that they have been en­dowed be­yond the ca­pac­ity of the nor­mal hu­man be­ing.

I am sure you have of­ten heard peo­ple boldly say in pride, “I am the man”, at­tribut­ing their be­ing and sup­posed suc­cess to them­selves. It’s easy to as­sume that one is solely re­spon­si­ble for the things that oc­cur in their life, in­clud­ing the good for­tune and bless­ings that of­ten come along and the mis­for­tune that some­times fol­lows. The truth, how­ever, is rather sober­ing, though you may have the gift of choice and the abil­ity to think, God is ul­ti­mately re­spon­si­ble for the life that is you.

Dur­ing the jour­ney from Is­rael to Canaan, the chil­dren of Is­rael en­coun­tered many prob­lems be­fore they got to the Promised Land. They had gone for some time with­out wa­ter so they be­gan to quar­rel with Moses their leader, “Why did you bring us from Egypt to this place where we have lost our live­stock and every­thing we own? It would have been bet­ter for us to die than be here.”

Moses and his brother Aaron then pe­ti­tioned the Lord. The glory of the Lord ap­peared and Moses was com­manded to take his rod and strike the rock. Wa­ter then be­gan to flow and the prob­lem was averted. Rather than give glory to the Lord, Moses then said, “lis­ten you rebels, must we bring you wa­ter out of this rock?” The Lord was an­gered by this and said to Moses, be­cause of this you will not bring the na­tion into the land I have promised.

The les­son to be learnt is that when things hap­pen in our lives we must never take credit for the things God will have done for us. Through this act of tak­ing credit for God’s work in our life, we some­times take from the bless­ings we were sched­uled to re­ceive. Our acts of in­dis­ci­pline, as pre­scribed by our egos, may some­times pre­vent us from en­joy­ing the full mea­sure of what the Lord will have in­tended for us.

The God we serve works on the ba­sis of prin­ci­ples and He has clearly de­fined them. Should we choose to op­er­ate out of the bounds of the set prin­ci­ples He has pre­scribed for us, our sto­ries be­come lessons in fu­til­ity.

We have clearly been shown what is ex­pected of us and how it should be done. Let’s not work on the mis­taken be­lief that we are larger than life char­ac­ters who hold the answers to the life we lead but rather let’s ac­knowl­edge our to­tal de­pen­dence on God and God alone. May He con­tinue to spur us along as we come to the re­al­i­sa­tion of our de­pen­dence on Him.

Be blessed.

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