Man who turned daugh­ters into sex slaves jailed 20yrs

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A BU­L­AWAYO City Coun­cil se­cu­rity guard who turned his three daugh­ters into sex slaves and im­preg­nated one of them has been sen­tenced to 20 years in jail.

Nel­son Ndlovu (60) pleaded not guilty to a charge of rape when he ap­peared be­fore Bu­l­awayo mag­is­trate Mr Chrispen Mberewere but was con­victed due to over­whelm­ing ev­i­dence.

Mr Mberewere sus­pended five years on con­di­tion Ndlovu does not com­mit a sim­i­lar of­fence within the pe­riod.

Hand­ing down sen­tence, the mag­is­trate cas­ti­gated Ndlovu’s be­hav­iour, de­scrib­ing it as go­ing against the tra­di­tions of black peo­ple. “What makes this case worse is that you had sex with your own daugh­ters whether by con­sent or not. It de­fies logic how one can be at­tracted to his own blood. So­ci­ety dis­ap­proves,” said Mr Mberewere.

The com­plainant (24) told the court that it was a norm that everyday in the morn­ing they were sup­posed to wake their fa­ther up.

She said on June 9 this year at around 5AM, the door to her fa­ther’s bed­room was par­tially closed, so she knocked but got no re­sponse.

“When I en­tered his bed­room, he was al­ready up. He quickly pushed me to the bed, gagged me and force­fully re­moved my un­der­gar­ments be­fore he raped me. After the rape he shoved a $5 note into my skin tight and told me that it was our lit­tle se­cret.

“It was not the first time he raped me. He once raped me when I was 16 years old but it was not re­ported,” said the woman.

Dur­ing the course of the trial, it was re­vealed that Ndlovu had sex with his three daugh­ters and fa­thered a child with one of them.

One of the daugh­ters, who has a child with her fa­ther, tried to ab­solve him. She told the court that the money that her fa­ther gave to her sis­ter was for rel­ish not to buy her si­lence as she has claimed.

The girl said there was noth­ing amiss about the $5 as they solely de­pended on their fa­ther for up­keep and he gave them money ev­ery day. When she was cor­nered by the State, she re­vealed that she had con­sen­sual sex with her fa­ther sev­eral times.

“I have never been raped by my fa­ther, but he al­ways so­lic­its for sex from me and we in­dulged with my ap­proval at all times,” she said.

Ndlovu, through his lawyer Mr Khulekani Sibanda of Mathonsi Ncube Law Cham­bers, pleaded for le­niency say­ing a lengthy prison term would likely be a death sen­tence.

“My client is very ad­vanced in terms of age. He is of poor health with a di­min­ished im­mune sys­tem, there­fore he begs for le­niency,” said Mr Sibanda.

Pros­e­cut­ing, Mr Sim­barashe Manyiwa told the court that on June 9 at around 5AM, the com­plainant went to her fa­ther’s bed­room to awaken him but he grabbed her.

“He raped her once with­out pro­tec­tion. She told her younger sis­ter about the act be­fore she made a po­lice re­port lead­ing to the ac­cused’s ar­rest,” said Mr Manyiwa.

Nel­son Ndlovu

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