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ED­I­TOR — I am en­cour­aged by unity of pur­pose by the mon­e­tary au­thor­i­ties and urge all ci­ti­zens to em­brace plas­tic money.

With the liq­uid­ity crunch con­tin­u­ing to bite in the econ­omy of Zim­babwe, this is one of the op­tions that has proved to bear fruits.

Dur­ing the past two months, the ef­forts of the Re­serve Bank of Zim­babwe for the call to em­brace plas­tic money are be­gin­ning to show.

I am cer­tain that in the long run, this kind of ini­tia­tive will kick start an eco­nomic rev­o­lu­tion which when com­ple­mented by other Govern­ment fi­nan­cial ini­tia­tives, will see the coun­try boost­ing of a vi­brant econ­omy.

It is painful to see that some few busi­nessper­sons and in­di­vid­u­als are re­sist­ing the use of plas­tic money de­spite the crit­i­cal­ity the ser­vice is meant to pro­vide. Surely there is need for a par­a­digm shift in those ci­ti­zens that re­sist noble ideas.

Plas­tic money is a generic term used for all types of cards; credit, debit and smart cards. The use of plas­tic money is not only about con­ve­nience but brings more peo­ple into the habit of bank­ing.

The ad­van­tages of us­ing plas­tic money are that credit and debit cards of­fer has­sle-free shop­ping and there is wide­spread ac­cess through the Zim­switch net­work.

Other ad­van­tages in­clude se­cu­rity as cash car­ries a big risk of loss as well as flex­i­bil­ity as plas­tic cards give ac­cess to one’s money at many dif­fer­ent ac­cess points.

This is the great­est achieve­ment made by Dr John Man­gudya so far but more ef­forts need to be put on ed­u­cat­ing those who still be­lieve in trans­act­ing us­ing the hard to find Amer­i­can dol­lar.

It is in­deed re­fresh­ing to note that the mon­e­tary au­thor­i­ties are ooz­ing with con­fi­dence that they have ini­tia­tives that can im­prove the liq­uid­ity sit­u­a­tion and ac­tu­ally has plans to turn around the econ­omy. Gareth Nkomo, Bu­l­awayo. Play­ing three games in less than 10 days at the African Cup of Na­tions is not a joke. What if Khama Bil­liat and Knowl­edge get in­jured? What do we do? We need a tall striker who has pace and con­fi­dence. My ad­vice to Pa­suwa is that he shouldn’t switch play­ers from their reg­u­lar po­si­tions and roles at their club. For ex­am­ple Nhamoinesu should play left back, his reg­u­lar po­si­tion. — Stal­wart

THE lady su­ing Econet might have a gen­uine com­plaint about Econet’s mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion on daily bun­dles which are clearly lim­ited given their value. I find her de­mand for $50 000 as com­pen­sa­tion rather un­rea­son­able if not ex­tor­tion­ate. How does she jus­tify such a de­mand? It would be bet­ter for her and all her sym­pa­this­ers to leave Econet than to try and ex­tort such an amount for self­en­rich­ment! — Ziyab­heda.

IT’S not over till it’s over. Caps United fans should not count their eggs be­fore they hatch. If they lose or draw this week­end and ei­ther Bosso or FC Plat­inum win, it would be game on again. — Un­cle Moff.

THE low cost civil ser­vant res­i­den­tial stands idea is an ex­cel­lent plan which seeks to em­power civil ser­vants, most of who have faced the chal­lenge of liv­ing as lodgers for too long. Who­ever ini­ti­ated this idea has the civil ser­vants at heart. Equally good is the ex­ten­sion of this of­fer to some, who for some rea­sons, do not be­long to the Apex Coun­cil. Many thanks to the orig­i­na­tor. — Peace­maker

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Khama Bil­liat

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