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Ro­mans 8 vs 26

“Like­wise the Spirit also helps in our weak­nesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Him­self makes in­ter­ces­sion for us with groan­ings which can­not be ut­tered.”

We all have fun­da­men­tal weak­nesses that al­ter our per­son­al­i­ties; for some it is be­ing short tem­pered, for oth­ers its is­sues around con­fi­dence and self-be­lief, for oth­ers its bad habits they have de­vel­oped over time, but the net sum is we are all less than per­fect.

How we deal with these weak­nesses dif­fers from one per­son to the next, some peo­ple take charge and sys­tem­at­i­cally work to­wards erad­i­cat­ing these things that they do that let them down. How­ever, the vast ma­jor­ity of us just live with these things that we don’t like and al­low them to drag us down.

Re­mem­ber Sam­son in the Bible, he had a weak­ness that saw him seek­ing love from a woman of a dif­fer­ent tribe, which was not rec­om­mended in his time. Through his weak­ness he even­tu­ally gave in and re­vealed where he de­rived his strength from.

The re­main­der of the story speaks of de­feat and ul­ti­mately the death of Sam­son.

We are all guilty of some­thing or the other that is draw­ing us from our true po­ten­tial and if not prop­erly dealt with, could be the rea­son we fail to suc­ceed.

I have noted over time that the mind is prob­a­bly the most pow­er­ful tool that we have, not all of us get the full ben­e­fit of what our mind can in­spire us to do. We only use a frac­tion of the abil­ity that is be­fore us to think, find strength and be­come bet­ter peo­ple.

Re­cently some­one I know was lament­ing on how old they are and how they felt they have led a wasted life and how ul­ti­mately they could not pos­si­bly see how they can get out of the dead end that is their life. It would ap­pear that this in­di­vid­ual’s mind has reached a point where it has be­come a ma­jor weak­ness and the only thing one can de­rive from it is con­dem­na­tion and a sense of fail­ure.

We all have dif­fer­ent things that hold us back or sig­nif­i­cantly al­ter our char­ac­ters to a point where it be­comes self-de­struc­tive. In Sam­son’s weak­est mo­ment, sur­rounded by his en­e­mies who were taunt­ing him, he cried out to God one last time seek­ing di­vine strength to bring the tem­ple down. His prayer was heard, the Lord granted his wish and he brought down this mighty build­ing and killed ev­ery­one who was in it.

Do you have per­son­al­ity de­fects or habits that are hold­ing you back? To­day cry out to God, seek Him and ask Him to grant you the strength to over­come, like Sam­son. The bible says you should knock and the door shall be opened unto you, like­wise knock on heaven’s door and ask for lib­er­a­tion from your weak­nesses.

It all starts with a prayer re­quest, keep pray­ing un­til your is­sue has been re­solved. It can take any­thing from an instant to a life­time, but the re­quest will be noted and at God’s ap­pro­pri­ate time He will help you over­come.

Don’t hold your­self back any longer, say no to the things that make you less than the per­fect be­ing you should be. Work with the Lord on a jour­ney of restora­tion and dis­cov­ery as you work to­wards be­ing the per­son you were des­tined to be.

Be blessed.

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