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ACT­ING Pres­i­dent Em­mer­son Mnan­gagwa is spot on re­gard­ing paras­tatals. He is very cor­rect in say­ing un­nec­es­sary board meet­ings are bleed­ing paras­tatals. The same ap­pears to be hap­pen­ing in the pri­vate sec­tor where some non-ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tors are meet­ing more than 12 times in one year. Why should non-ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tors meet so fre­quently as if they are in­volved in the day to day run­ning of these busi­nesses? It is a way of clan­des­tinely steal­ing from the un­sus­pect­ing share­holder with the aid of ex­ec­u­tives of course. — T Munongi.

PLEASE let us not wish for the worst to hap­pen in our coun­try be­cause we will still be the vic­tims. I do not un­der­stand peo­ple who want this coun­try to go to the dogs. We are all Zim­bab­weans and have to live here at the end of the day. In­stead of wish­ing ill on our Govern­ment, let us urge the Re­serve Bank of Zim­babwe Gover­nor Dr John Man­gudya to work tire­lessly in en­sur­ing that the sup­ply of both fuel and elec­tric­ity are ad­e­quately funded. — KK

THE public sec­tor stinks of cor­rup­tion and in­com­pe­tence. Un­til the Govern­ment en­sures there are sys­tems and con­trols in the public sec­tor our coun­try’s de­vel­op­ment will re­main elu­sive. Tax­ing the pro­duc­tive and ef­fi­cient pri­vate sec­tor and then mis­use the re­sources is an evil that should be erad­i­cated. It is a se­ri­ous na­tional prob­lem. This is why good public sec­tor poli­cies ag­o­nise, for an ex­am­ple land re­form and al­lo­ca­tion. Our abil­ity to fight neg­a­tive ex­ter­nal forces such as sanc­tions is also weak­ened be­cause of cor­rup­tion and sheer in­com­pe­tence. — Cde Mzvinavhu.

The Premier Soccer League (PSL) has ev­ery rea­son to take the Zim­babwe Football Association (Zifa) to the Court of Ar­bi­tra­tion for Sport. What Zifa are propos­ing can­not hap­pen at the eleventh hour. It does not make sense to want to rel­e­gate four teams now at the end of the sea­son. Amend­ments of the constitution must be made first then if they are ap­proved they then should come into ef­fect next sea­son. — Gift Dz­i­tiro.

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