Where do you turn to?

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Psalm 34 vs 17 “When the right­eous cry for help, the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their trou­bles.”

In your mo­ments of need, who do you turn to? Where is the one place you find so­lace when your world comes crash­ing down on you? Life some­times gets to a point where the wheels com­pletely fall off and the cir­cum­stances be­come so un­bear­able.

Of­ten times we turn to all man­ner of things for the re­lief that we seek. Many peo­ple turn to drink and sub­stances, oth­ers bury their heads in the sand, and a large por­tion be­come self-de­struc­tive to a point where they stop car­ing about ev­ery­thing, in­clud­ing them­selves.

Some are so in­grained by fear that liv­ing be­comes un­bear­able rather than the joy it’s sup­posed to be. We have all wit­nessed and ex­pe­ri­enced all sorts of be­hav­iour when our world falls apart and there seems to be no way out.

One of the most dif­fi­cult things to man­age is the time when we hit rock bot­tom. The feel­ings are so over­whelm­ing and the pain so dis­tinct that we can’t help but de­spair at the thought of the fu­ture.

A les­son of­ten for­got­ten is that when you come to that point the only thing that is left for you to do is to turn to Christ. When you have ex­hausted all the op­tions and there is no one left to turn to, look to Christ.

When Es­ther was con­fronted with cir­cum­stances be­yond her earthly abil­ity to man­age, she turned to fast­ing and prayer. She went into a pe­riod of ex­treme prayer and self-de­nial. It is said that when her peo­ple were faced with pos­si­ble ex­tinc­tion, she sought the Lord.

The law specif­i­cally for­bade her from en­ter­ing the pres­ence of the king, her hus­band, un­less oth­er­wise specif­i­cally called. She had not seen the king in months and there­fore had no ba­sis to even at­tempt to be in his pres­ence. To­gether with her peo­ple she went into a sea­son of prayer and fast­ing.

At the con­clu­sion of the pe­riod she pre­sented her­self to the king, the king re­ceived her with an open mind filled with love, de­spite the pro­to­cols that had been set. The fact that all the cir­cum­stances, no mat­ter how tragic, pointed to her be­ing the per­son cho­sen to lead in the de­liv­ery of her peo­ple made it clear that in the midst of the tragedy that was en­su­ing the Lord had plans for her peo­ple that were meant to be ful­filled at her hand.

Some­times we run away from prayer or seek­ing the pres­ence of God when we are in dif­fi­culty yet His plan for our lives would have been penned out in such a way that at that spe­cific junc­ture, we must turn to Him for sal­va­tion and re­lief. We tend to run away from our des­tiny in the be­lief that the sideshows be­fore us will as­sist in giv­ing us the re­lief or the an­swers that we need.

When you are in trou­ble or have come to a place where you can bear no more, turn to God, He will hear you. He will an­swer your prayer and pro­vide you with a way out of your mis­ery.

In mo­ments of dis­tress the pres­ence of the Lord is of­ten so near. Like Es­ther, be driven to His throne and noth­ing else.

The an­swers you seek lie with God and the di­rec­tion you must take at this junc­ture lies with Him. Through her prayers and fast­ing the Jews were saved from geno­cide and were el­e­vated and given per­mis­sion to con­front their en­e­mies and over­come them.

A mighty vic­tory was handed to them and all the mo­ments of anx­i­ety and fear came to an end be­cause they knew where to turn to, to the source of ev­ery­thing, our Fa­ther above.

Do the same to­day.

Be blessed.

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