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THE devil is us­ing the tsika­mu­tan­das to steal from peo­ple. The chiefs and vil­lage heads are to blame. Be­cause of their tra­di­tional be­liefs, they are al­low­ing th­ese tsika­mu­tan­das to op­er­ate in their ar­eas. Th­ese tra­di­tional lead­ers should be ar­rested to­gether with the tsika­mu­tan­das be­cause they may be ben­e­fit­ing from them. — L Makombe. THE Zim­babwe Cricket team top or­der is em­bar­rass­ing, when you have sea­soned names like Chamu Chib­habha fail­ing to hit 15 mea­gre runs, you know you are doomed. Why don’t we give op­por­tu­ni­ties to up­com­ing crick­eters from Takashinga Cricket Club who have some­thing to learn than old horses who are now dead weight to the team. — Mazarura.

THE pro­posed na­tional health scheme is noble but the tim­ing for im­ple­ment­ing is prob­lem­atic as the work­force is shrink­ing and the few that are em­ployed are strug­gling to make ends meet. The econ­omy can­not, there­fore, cur­rently sus­tain an­other form of tax or levy. — PJ

ARE we wit­ness­ing a u-turn from re­tail­ers on plas­tic money? Some ser­vice sta­tions which used to have the swipe fa­cil­ity seem to have stopped. They al­ways blame the bank net­work sys­tem, isn’t this a ploy to try and force peo­ple to buy in cash which they do not have? An ur­gent in­ves­ti­ga­tion is needed. —

Chamu Chib­habha

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