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Ex­o­dus 9 vs 16

“But in­deed for this pur­pose I have raised you up, that I may show My power in you, and that My name may be de­clared in all the earth.”

Con­ver­sa­tion can some­times be a great learn­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. As you in­ter­act with new peo­ple that you meet or sim­ply en­gage with your nor­mal cir­cle, take time to re­ally lis­ten to what peo­ple say. In sim­ple con­ver­sa­tion you will some­times pick up pearls of wis­dom.

It is said that a prophet is sel­dom ap­pre­ci­ated in his own home town, such it is with life that some­times we write peo­ple off based on our un­der­stand­ing or per­ceived knowl­edge of them. It’s a bit like the bib­li­cal state­ment on Jesus; “what good can pos­si­bly come of Nazareth?”

In our daily ex­changes we are some­times caught up in that syn­drome where we look at the per­son and then dis­count the mes­sage. Over a meal, some­one shared with me a state­ment that got me think­ing. The set­ting was purely so­cial and very in­for­mal and it’s the last place I would have ex­pected to come out with a life­trans­form­ing gem but I did.

My friend said, “You know there is noth­ing that is scarier than to die hav­ing led an un­ful­filled life, where you did not pur­sue your des­tiny.” The state­ment was so pro­found for me be­cause some­times we are more caught up in the is­sues that sur­round life and ev­ery­thing else that we forget that we ac­tu­ally all have an or­dained des­tiny to follow.

The time that has been al­lo­cated to us is specif­i­cally for a pur­pose but many of us are guilty of squan­der­ing the time al­lo­cated, the op­por­tu­ni­ties granted, the health given and the gift of life in its en­tirety. We are so caught up in all the wrong things that we forget to discover and find out what our pur­pose in this life is.

Did you know that Jesus led a pur­pose driven life? He was given a mis­sion and he was al­lo­cated time, thir­tythree years to be pre­cise, and he came and sys­tem­at­i­cally ful­filled his mis­sion in the time that he was given. He was a good and faith­ful child. In­ter­est­ingly, he suf­fered the same daily strug­gles that we deal with; re­jec­tion, per­se­cu­tion, temp­ta­tion and even pain.

We some­times be­lieve that we en­dure pain and suf­fer­ing un­nec­es­sar­ily but God’s or­dained also suf­fered the same, so who are we not to en­dure and ex­pe­ri­ence the cross on a daily ba­sis? Jesus came, he lived and he con­quered, so should you and I. There is noth­ing more de­press­ing than an un­ful­filled life that has been wasted.

We are all guilty of pro­cras­ti­na­tion or some­times just al­low­ing life to waste away. You were not put on this earth to veg­e­tate and waste away, you were put here to be the best per­son you can pos­si­bly be. So wher­ever you are and what­ever you may be do­ing, you have a call­ing to dili­gently be the best that you can be.

Life is pre­cious, your life is even more pre­cious, there is only one you and you were cre­ated in His image for His cause. We get so caught up in the storms of life and we be­come so dis­tracted that we lose fo­cus and some­times give up but the truth is that He who cre­ated you has given you a work to do. He will pro­vide you with the grace, strength and abil­ity to live your life in this world with all its warts and thorns, like He did with Jesus.

Be the win­ner that He or­dained you to be. Find your pur­pose, do the work you have been tasked with, and one day He will say, “Well done good and faith­ful ser­vant, here is the crown you de­serve for fin­ish­ing the task and the race.”

Be blessed

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