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RE­SPONSE to “Govt un­veils on­line di­a­mond sales sys­tem”. This ini­tia­tive should be taken fur­ther; di­a­monds can be sold with­out mov­ing the ac­tual as­set. All that is needed is an in­de­pen­dent au­di­tor who can ver­ify that the stones are in stor­age. We can in­no­vate and is­sue a cryp­tocur­rency pegged to the value of di­a­monds. — C Vic­to­ria Falls.

RE­SPONSE to “Supreme Court al­lows wa­ter dis­con­nec­tions”. Finally! Peo­ple can’t en­joy a re­source that costs the City of Harare money to pu­rify, pump and sup­ply with­out pay­ing for it. — Tawanda Dealer.

RE­SPONSE to “We’ll not raid FCAs, min­is­ter re­as­sures de­pos­i­tors”. The new Min­is­ter seems to be very pro­gres­sive and ex­pe­ri­enced such that it is upon us as Zim­bab­weans to sup­port his ef­forts if we all cher­ish a bet­ter fu­ture for our beloved coun­try. We should sup­port his ef­forts morally and in at­ti­tude. — Kunta Kinte.

RE­SPONSE to “Supreme Court al­lows wa­ter dis­con­nec­tions”. It’s a very bit­ter one but if cit­i­zens can’t be re­spon­si­ble by pay­ing their wa­ter bills then in all hon­esty how can they ex­pect to get treated wa­ter? The re­al­ity is it costs money to pro­vide clean wa­ter, mean­ing peo­ple should pay for it. Treated wa­ter can’t be free. — Tawanda Ma­chona.

RE­SPONSE to “Let’s fo­cus on econ­omy, says VP Chi­wenga”. What needs to be done first is clos­ing money mar­kets across the coun­try. As it stands there is a lot of cash in the streets than any­where else. If money chang­ers can be pros­e­cuted, the road to our eco­nomic re­cov­ery will be cer­tain. – Mar­lon Shiri.

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