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AF­TER pre­sent­ing opin­ions on how best learn­ers can utilise the hol­i­day, I de­cided to go to the ground and ask a cross-sec­tion of them to write down what they con­sider a dream hol­i­day. The re­sponses I got were quite hi­lar­i­ous. Here are some of the live re­sponses from learn­ers them­selves: How we would like to spend our hol­i­days. Learn­ers view all hol­i­days dif­fer­ently. April hol­i­days is the time for re­lax­ing with friends. Au­gust hol­i­days — read and study more (school work) and in December learn­ers con­sider it as time for hav­ing fun with friends and fam­ily and above all, it is time for rest.

The views from learn­ers are not only hi­lar­i­ous as stated above, but, at times very out­ra­geous and ex­ces­sive. For ex­am­ple, some learn­ers say, par­ents could as­sist their chil­dren by giv­ing them hol­i­day al­lowances to the tune of $25. Though rea­son­able some views fall short on re­al­ity. We have learn­ers of the opin­ion that if par­ents can­not af­ford to give their chil­dren (learn­ers) hol­i­day al­lowances, there should be part time jobs avail­able dur­ing the hol­i­days so that they can earn their own money.

This could have been a plau­si­ble sug­ges­tion in the past but we are all aware that our econ­omy is stressed such that op­tions of this na­ture are only a few if ever they are there. The list of pref­er­ences goes on: “Chil­dren (learn­ers) pre­fer go­ing out with friends and fam­ily as com­pared to stay­ing home all day watch­ing tele­vi­sion.” The sug­gested places of in­ter­est are game re­serves and oth­ers which of­fer recre­ational ac­tiv­i­ties. I am sorry to say the list pre­sented here also in­cluded night clubs which I did not name as I won­dered whether our learn­ers fre­quent those places.

It is a dream hol­i­day in­deed for learn­ers as one learner wishes his or her par­ents could take her or him out at least three times ev­ery school hol­i­days to have what they call a fancy meal at one of the up­mar­ket restau­rants in town. They wish to go shop­ping for clothes of her choice which in­clude what is called ex­pen­sive shoes and latest clothes from rep­utable la­bels. Learn­ers, be­ing chil­dren, one of them says,’’ ob­vi­ously, fam­ily va­ca­tions are a must dur­ing the December hol­i­days, with places like Vic­to­ria Falls, and neigh­bour­ing coun­tries like South Africa con­sid­ered a must to visit. Re­ally, why not make such sug­ges­tions op­tional?

Now that al­most all fam­i­lies have rel­a­tives in the di­as­pora, we have learn­ers wish­ing to fly to those coun­tries to meet their rel­a­tives and friends who have been gone for a long time. These are dreams in­deed be­cause all this re­quires large sums of money to ful­fil. The fol­low­ing is a com­mon dream, where learn­ers in­struct their par­ents to make sure Wi-Fi and DStv do not ex­pire while they are at home dur­ing the hol­i­days.

They want to wake up to the best breakfast in the coun­try ev­ery morn­ing. This is quite un­re­al­is­tic for me, but, we have learn­ers who stretch their imag­i­na­tion this far. Of course, among learn­ers we have those who love ex­tremes. For ex­am­ple, one sug­gests that at least they should have five nights where they do not pre­pare din­ner at home but buy (ex­pen­sive) de­li­cious foods from ex­pen­sive food houses in town.

There are pos­i­tives though, for ex­am­ple one wishes par­ents could take him to a driv­ing school such that when she or he is li­censed can be an as­sert at home, driv­ing par­ents around or be­ing sent on er­rands. Dur­ing the Au­gust hol­i­days par­ents can sign up their chil­dren for ex­tra lessons and let them sign up for the lo­cal pub­lic li­brary so that they can study dur­ing the hol­i­days. Give learn­ers the plat­form to ex­press their feel­ings over a cer­tain is­sue and you will get a lot of ex­cit­ing ideas and opin­ions. That is what hap­pened when I asked for these opin­ions.

Agreed, most of the points raised here are elit­ist, one needs to go out and find out more from those who spend most of their time in a chal­lenged en­vi­ron­ment to get bal­anced views. Still on the pos­i­tive side some learn­ers wish their par­ents could get them the best hol­i­days lessons teacher who would be easy to un­der­stand such that they would en­joy learn­ing dur­ing the hol­i­days.

Quite in­ter­est­ing in­deed, to hear stu­dents ex­press­ing their views and what they want while still at school and af­ter writ­ing their fi­nal ex­am­i­na­tions. The lat­ter wish to get jobs to keep them oc­cu­pied while wait­ing for their re­sults. Ev­ery­one wishes to be em­ployed rather than talk of self-em­ploy­ment. This ex­plains the weak­nesses which have been preva­lent in our ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem where there is hope for a changed outlook with the com­ing in of the new cur­ricu­lum.

Talk of the new cur­ricu­lum; it has brought a lot of move­ment for the learn­ers. Those who like out­door ac­tiv­i­ties are hav­ing a time of their lives. The nor­mally con­ser­va­tive schools have also been forced to join the fray. I do not doubt that all this is meant for the good of the learn­ers and be­lieve that this would help to bring about bet­ter equipped learn­ers. Only time will tell. The only dam­age one can do to her­self or him­self is to re­sist moder­nity.

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