Could DStv be on its way out of Zim­babwe?

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that my life had to stop for full week? These ques­tions flooded my mind the whole week.

From the bank, to friends and your so-called “ex­perts on so­cial me­dia” sto­ries and con­spir­acy the­o­ries were abound. The most in­trigu­ing ones were:

1. That RBZ was fail­ing to “pay” Mul­ti­choice money owed as its Nostro ac­counts were empty. Mul­ti­choice is the owner of DStv. But then how come other for­eign ser­vice providers are not ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the same dif­fi­cul­ties? And be­sides for how long have we heard the same ru­mour about the empty Nostro ac­count? Hope one day some­one will ex­plain to me in plain English what this Nostro an­i­mal is all about.

2. That our Govern­ment, through RBZ again, was try­ing to push Mul­ti­choice out of the coun­try to pave way for Zimdig­i­tal. Some ex­perts here went on to claim that RBZ was ac­tu­ally in­vest­ing in Zimdig­i­tal and was eye­ing a big pay­day once DStv moved out. But then in a free econ­omy like ours there is no need for govern­ment to play dirt, and I don’t be­lieve it is play­ing dirt. Govern­ment makes rules in this coun­try and can make rules that can make the com­ing in of Zimdig­i­tal smooth, with­out any need to play dirt. After­all Zimdig­i­tal will bring the much needed lo­cal con­tent we miss so much.

3. That Kwese TV was com­ing to take over from DStv. This was a more per­sis­tent ru­mour which the Broad­cast­ing Author­ity of Zim­babwe had to try and squash quickly by ask­ing the pub­lic not to be­lieve the ru­mour as they had not granted Kwese TV any satel­lite li­cence. It is just our hope that when Kwese TV gets a li­cence and comes to Zim­babwe it will be­have like a Zim­bab­wean plat­form, putting Zim­bab­wean con­tent first.

But most im­por­tantly, when all has been said, DStv needs to change the way it does busi­ness in Zim­babwe. First, it needs to change the way it treats its Zim­bab­wean clients. Sec­ondly, it needs to change its bou­quet sys­tem as half the time we are pay­ing for use­less chan­nels. Com­pe­ti­tion, from ei­ther Zimdig­i­tal or Kwese TV will surely make DStv jump and pay more at­ten­tion to cus­tomers out­side South Africa. What the sys­tem needs now is a dis­rup­tion!!!

RBZ Gover­nor Dr John Man­gudya

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