Turn loose, let go of past hurts and of­fences!

The Herald (Zimbabwe) - - Comment & Opinion - Bishop B. Man­joro Du­namis

WE HAVE opened the gates for 2017. We don’t just open half way, no, we want to open them all the way! In this time of the year when most peo­ple are mak­ing prayers and dec­la­ra­tions for the year, let it not be a time you take lightly. Dec­la­ra­tions are pow­er­ful!

Dec­la­ra­tions backed by ac­tion will make your year dif­fer­ent — the year of Restora­tion!

It is also a time when many re­flect and ask God for grace to shed off old and bad habits and reach forth for a new char­ac­ter, Christ-like char­ac­ter.

We move from glory to glory, faith to faith. It’s also time to let go of the past and to cast off un­con­fessed sins which are a hin­drance to suc­cess, progress and pros­per- ity in life Proverbs 28:13. Reader, I’m also pray­ing for you, that your year be unique, blessed and fruit­ful through God’s Restora­tion!

“And when he came to him, be­hold, he stood by his burnt of­fer­ing, and the princes of Moab with him. And Balak said unto him, What hath the Lord spo­ken? And he took up his para­ble, and said, Rise up, Balak, and hear; hear­ken unto me, thou son of Zip­por: God is not a man, that he should lie; nei­ther the son of man, that he should re­pent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spo­ken, and shall he not make it good? Be­hold, I have re­ceived com­mand­ment to bless: and he hath blessed; and I can­not re­verse it. He hath not be­held in­iq­uity in Ja­cob, nei­ther hath he seen per­verse­ness in Is­rael: the Lord his God is with him, and the shout of a king is among them” Num­bers 23:17:21

Verse 21 says; I have not found in­equity in Is­rael, which is some­thing im­por­tant in life!

Live in such a way that your ad­ver­saries will find no in­iq­uity in you, no evil or wrong thing. Even though while you are mind­ing your own busi­ness some­one is busy declar­ing and say­ing, “ah this one must not pros­per in life!” You are striv­ing hard to keep a good fam­ily and raise your chil­dren well yet some­one is go­ing to the witch doc­tors and say­ing, “Let James, let Su­san, amount to noth­ing in life!” Come on what have I done you wrong?

I am just tak­ing care of my life and fam­ily. If you are go­ing through a case like this my prayer for you to­day is that let no in­equity be found in you, child of God. Let no in­equity be found in your life and fam­ily! Don’t panic and be­gin to seek charms against your ad­ver­saries No, you are dif­fer­ent. You trust in the Lord your God, alone. You are a child of Light, O hal­lelu­jah!

You may think ah no one minds me I mind my own busi­ness. Friend, life doesn’t op­er­ate that way. There are some peo­ple whom you never talk to yet they just get bored with you. Ei­ther your dress, you car, your house, or even your hair­style both­ers them from nowhere.

They look at you walk­ing, lov­ingly hold­ing hands with your spouse and get bored and de­cree we want to see where it will end! (tiri kuda kuona kwazvi­nosvika!)

You tell them, “O my child passed with fou units, O my child passed all eight O-Level sub­jects and in­side they say, we will see! (tichaona kwazvi­nosvika)”. They curse in their hearts and speak neg­a­tive over your life, job and all that con­cerns you even if you think you did them no wrong!

Let me ex­plain some­thing about a curse. A curse is not what we think it is. We usu­ally think of witches, hyena’s owls, yes the en­emy may use those in line with curses.

But a curse is just a word. Neg­a­tive words backed up by evil spir­its. To­day, Jan­uary 14, we break ev­ery curse and ev­ery neg­a­tive word spo­ken against you in Je­sus name.

How­ever, God is ex­pect­ing you to do some­thing you never did in your life, some­thing dif­fer­ent in 2017.

Turn loose all those that hurt you and spoke evil of you and let them go from your heart. For­give.

2017 is the year of restora­tion. Don’t con­tinue car­ry­ing the piles and heaps of past hurts and of­fences!

Let me elab­o­rate and get closer to home. The per­son who hurt you at your work­places and spoke bad things and even hin­dered your pro­mo­tion — turn loose that per­son. The per­son who be­witched your fa­ther, turn loose. Yes your fa­ther is suf­fer­ing right now and in pain be­cause of that per­son, but God wants to do great things. O hal­lelu­jah! Turn loose.

But Bishop you can’t say that, do you re­ally un­der­stand our fam­ily is­sues? You see late 2016 when I was pray­ing I saw that many bless­ings came to peo­ple but they could not re­ceive. Do you know why? Why some missed it in 2016? — hurts! At times be­ing hurt just comes! No no­tice at all and yet in some in­stances you don’t even know how you were of­fended, nei­ther are you able to trace it. You just find your­self hurt­ing, low, dis- couraged, frus­trated and stuck in life. I have a good word for you 2017 turn loose. Let no in­iq­uity be found in you.

Give the en­emy no room to have a hold on you. Turn loose. Turn loose your par­ents, yes they judged you, an­gered you, and com­pared you to other peo­ple! Turn loose your spouse, yes you were taken for granted — but turn loose.

Turn loose that su­per­vi­sor at work, s/he spoiled things for you yes you could be some­where now, but turn loose. That neigh­bour, that friend who be­trayed you, that rel­a­tive who never came back with your money! Even that reck­less driver who caused the dread­ful ac­ci­dent, hard as it may seem — turn loose. A huge bless­ing awaits you this 2017 — for­give, let go. For with God all things are pos­si­ble, Mark 10:27

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