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IT IS a new year, 2017 and so much is ex­pected of it. Some say you have a blank page to fill in as you please. Oth­ers filled in that blank page with new year res­o­lu­tions shortly be­fore it started.

Which­ever way you look at it one has to have plans in place not to move ahead blindly but lay a solid foun­da­tion so as to build a firm and strong struc­ture that will last through­out.

So most of you have gone back to school to be­gin yet an­other year. It is im­por­tant that you work out the plan on how you are go­ing to ap­proach this year.

It could be your first year in high school or look­ing for­ward to your first year in univer­sity, there are spe­cific ways you can plan the year. Those plans should have ob­jec­tives that help you ful­fil your plans or goals. T

oday I share with you how you can cre­ate SMARTER Goals. The word SMARTER is an acro­nym.

S stands for spe­cific goals. Spe­cific means they are de­fined to ac­com­plish a cer­tain as­pect and not just broad goals. If you are in Form 4 a spe­cific goal can be to pass all your sub­jects.

M stands for mea­sur­able. There has to be a way we can mea­sure if you have in­deed suc­ceeded in ac­com­plish­ing your goal. So from the ex­am­ple above a pass is any­thing from a C to an A. You have to write the sym­bol you want for a spe­cific sub­ject.

A stands for At­tain­able or Achiev­able. One can plan to score straight As in 10 sub­jects. How­ever you have to con­firm the num­ber of sub­jects you are writ­ing in the first place be­cause you can­not get 10 As when you are writ­ing 9 sub­jects, not achiev­able (laugh out loud). Also un­der­stand your­self if you have only achieved at most 3 As as of now, you can­not mag­i­cally get to 10. You can say 6 As or 5 then push your­self to work SMARTER in the sub­jects that can be turned into an A. Un­der­stand as well that these goals should be flex­i­ble ad­justed as you go through­out the year. If you get 6As in your first term no need to stick to that push it up. Achiev­able does not mean the ob­vi­ous which does not give you a chal­lenge it means those goals that if you put your all into it you can achieve.

R stands for Rel­e­vant. Those goals need to be rel­e­vant, they have to be for a sig­nif­i­cant cause. Pass­ing your O Level is rel­e­vant to ad­vance your ed­u­ca­tion.

T stands for Time-frame. Now goals have to be timed. You have to achieve some­thing by a cer­tain time pe­riod. In our ex­am­ple you write your ex­ams in the third term and re­sults come in the first term of the fol­low­ing year.

E means en­hanc­ing. Your goals should el­e­vate you, build you up to get to the next level. It should change you just like ed­u­ca­tion does. Peo­ple will soon call you a grad­u­ate an ac­count a doc­tor a pro­fes­sor all be­cause of ed­u­ca­tion en­hanc­ing you.

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