First Farai brews an­other shocker:

. . . fakes mother’s death . . . threat­ens to com­mit sui­cide

The Herald (Zimbabwe) - - Front Page - Tawanda Mar­wizi

HE IS known for court­ing con­tro­versy when­ever he gets a chance to be naughty.

Many peo­ple re­mem­ber the story of how First Farai was al­leged to have abused con­do­lence con­tri­bu­tions col­lected at the late Cephas Mashakada’s fu­neral, which ex­tremely an­gered fel­low mu­si­cian Hosiah Chipanga.

That was six years ago and First Farai still de­nies the ac­cu­sa­tions.

But it seems the mu­si­cian is ca­pa­ble of any­thing when it comes to dis­re­spect­ing the dead. The mu­si­cian has brewed a shocker that is likely to leave movie writ­ers green with envy.

In a move that bor­ders on be­ing a con­man and ex­tor­tion­ist, the mu­si­cian last week an­nounced to the world that his mother had passed on be­fore well-wish­ers col­lected $300 con­do­lence money with an aim of as­sist­ing him. Armed with a “fu­neral video” that he was pur­port­ing to have been taken at his mother’s fu­neral, the singer an­nounced on so­cial me­dia group that his mother had died.

But some­one raised a red flag be­fore con­do­lence money could be de­liv­ered to First Farai as it emerged that the mu­si­cian could be ly­ing.

In­ves­ti­ga­tions car­ried by The Herald En­ter­tain­ment showed that it was in­deed a hoax be­cause his mother died when he was in Grade Three.

Af­ter be­ing con­tacted for com­ment, the bulky mu­si­cian vis­ited The Herald news­room shed­ding tears and in­sist­ing that his mother had died a “few weeks ago”.

“Last time I was ac­cused at Mashakada’s fu­neral now it’s about my mother, why me? I have even sold prop­erty so as to give my mother a de­cent send off. I am still to re­cover what I lost but peo­ple are hav­ing a smear cam­paign against me. I am not happy at all. If this con­tin­ues, I am go­ing to com­mit sui­cide. I can­not stand this, it is bet­ter to die,” he said as he sobbed un­con­trol­lably.

Af­ter his visit and ex­hi­bi­tion of grief, The Herald En­ter­tain­ment trav­elled to Chin­hoyi to meet the mu­si­cian’s rel­a­tives and get fur­ther de­tails. In Chin­hoyi, his brother Tan­yaradzwa Mwanambo Batanai was sur­prised when he heard the story. He seemed un­sure about what was hap­pen­ing to his brother.

“Maybe he was drunk be­cause our mother died long back and we grew up with­out par­ents. Of course we have a dis­tant rel­a­tive that died in Mhangura re­cently but I am not sure if he at­tended the fu­neral,” he said.

Tan­yaradzwa said he would not say much about the mat­ter.

“Try to talk to him again. He is the best per­son to ex­plain what is hap­pen­ing to him,” he said.

Af­ter the Chin­hoyi visit, we con­tacted First Farai again and he be­came eva­sive.

“Fam­ily is­sues are pri­vate is­sues. Let us just let this is­sue pass. Fam­i­lies have their secrets and you might not un­der­stand it. Yes, Tan­yaradzwa is my brother, but the is­sue about bi­o­log­i­cal mothers is a fam­ily se­cret,” he said.

“I did not steal from any­one. I did not re­ceive any­thing from any­one, so I do not see my crime here. I do not think this is even a story worth pub­lish­ing in a news­pa­per.”

Nar­rat­ing how First Farai tried to “extort” them, a mem­ber of a so­cial me­dia group where First Farai “broke” the news of his mother’s death said they had sym­pa­thised with him un­til he be­came eva­sive when peo­ple wanted in­for­ma­tion of the fu­neral wake.

In­no­cent Shito said First Farai posted pic­tures of a fu­neral wake and a video an­nounc­ing his mother’s “death”.

“Many peo­ple sym­pa­thised with him and we col­lected $300 in­tend­ing to as­sist. We sent him con­do­lence mes­sages and promised to be with him in grief. How­ever, when some­one wanted di­rec­tions to go to the fu­neral, First Farai did not re­spond,” said Shito.

“Some­one alerted us that the mu­si­cian could be ly­ing and, af­ter we made fur­ther en­quiries, he ex­ited the group. How­ever, af­ter a few days he ap­proached the per­son who was col­lect­ing con­do­lence money say­ing he wanted fi­nan­cial as­sis­tance be­cause he had used a lot of money dur­ing the pur­ported fu­neral. We were al­ready sus­pi­cious and he was not given any­thing.”

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