School­girl re­veals scary Satanist es­capades

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A 17-year-old Nyanyadzi High School girl, who ex­posed Satanic shenani­gans that sparked off protests and brought busi­ness at the school to a stand­still on Mon­day, has made spine chilling rev­e­la­tions, whose script reads like an African movie.

The Form 3 girl re­vealed that each of the 400 stu­dents ini­ti­ated into Satanism had a big black snake that one would leave be­hind in bed or in class each time they went out for their rou­tine blood suck­ing er­rands. Three teach­ers were also Satanists.

The girl said she was ini­ti­ated into Satanism by sim­ply ac­cept­ing a cho­co­late sweet from a col­league at the school who had al­ready been con­verted. The teenager, who spoke with author­ity and barely minced her words, said 400 stu­dents at the school, 398 of them girls, were Satanists.

“I joined Satanism af­ter I was given a cho­co­late sweet by a Form 4A stu­dent (name with­held). I started feel­ing very tired each morn­ing as if I had been work­ing all night. I then started hav­ing this big black snake that would come to me while in bed and I was not scared of it at all.

“That is the snake I would leave be­hind in bed each time we went out and those sleep­ing next to me would not see the snake. The same thing would hap­pen while in class be­cause we would some­times go out at around 9am and come back to­wards lunch. We would usu­ally go to In­dia dressed in black bum shorts and black back out tops.

“We would go on horse­back but the horses would be trot­ting mid-air un­til we reach our des­ti­na­tion. In In­dia we would get into a very large pool of hu­man blood with only our heads above the pool of blood. So many peo­ple from dif­fer­ent parts of the world gather in that place. We would eat hu­man in­testines and liver,” she said.

The girl also said they vis­ited coun­tries that in­cluded Namibia, Mozam­bique and In­dia She also said she would eat two kilo­grammes of bis­cuits and five litres of soft drink on a daily ba­sis.

Said the girl: “When we went to Namibia for the in­au­gu­ra­tion of a new Queen, I was given $1 000. I would buy snacks but each time I dip my fin­gers in the packet to start con­sum­ing the snacks, they would turn into hu­man in­testines in my eyes.”

She said she was named Mil­dred in the un­der­world of Satanism and her job was to col­lect blood af­ter her col­leagues had drained it from tar­geted vic­tims. Our teacher was also a ‘Queen’. She was known to al­most ev­ery­one we met in our so­journs.

“There are other teach­ers at a nearby school as well as at the pri­mary school. They con­vert mostly fe­males es­pe­cially those with good looks. When we went for our trips we would not see each other along the way but we would meet when we ar­rive,” she said.

The teenage girl said that she sud­denly thought of quit­ting the cult and that did not go down well with the ‘Queen’ fe­male teacher, who in­sisted that quit­ting was not an op­tion.

“When I de­cided to quit, our teacher was not happy. I re­mem­ber when we went for some schools sports com­pe­ti­tions at a nearby school, she bought two ice creams and gave me one. I re­fused to take it. She shouted at me for re­fus­ing the ice cream. She asked whether I took her for a fool. There was an SDC mem­ber who was present when this hap­pened.

“She told me the ben­e­fits of Satanism say­ing it would lead me into fi­nan­cial pros­per­ity and that I would pass all my sub­jects in school. From that day I de­cided not to get into her class as she or­dered me not to at­tend her lessons.

The girl re­ported the mat­ter to the deputy head­mas­ter as the head­mas­ter was not around on that day. The deputy head­mas­ter asked her to write a de­tailed re­port.

“Some­how the is­sue leaked to the fe­male teacher, re­sult­ing in her threat­en­ing me with le­gal ac­tion for de­fam­ing her. Since then I would dream about her com­ing back to me but she would not do any­thing as I was al­ready get­ting help from lo­cal apos­tolic churches,” she said.

Dur­ing her time in Satanism prac­tice, the girl said she would not have men­strual pe­ri­ods.

“There are also a num­ber of things that they use to con­vert peo­ple in­clud- ing lo­tions, neck­laces, rings or even face pow­der. Most of th­ese items have the num­ber 666 in­scribed on them,” she said. On Mon­day, busi­ness came to stand­still at the school as en­raged de­mon­stra­tors de­manded the im­me­di­ate ouster of the fe­male teacher who al­legedly ini­ti­ated the 400 stu­dents and three teach­ers into Satanism.

Nyanyadzi High School, which has Form One up to Form Six classes, has 1 380 stu­dents.

More than 1 000 peo­ple, con­sti­tut­ing of mainly par­ents with chil­dren at the school, gath­ered at the school chant­ing rev­o­lu­tion­ary songs while bay­ing for the blood of the fe­male teacher.

Riot police had to be called in to calm the sit­u­a­tion and main­tain peace and or­der. The de­mon­stra­tors were singing while de­mand­ing the re­lease of the fe­male teacher and her col­leagues who were kept in­doors for their own safety.

When The Week­ender ar­rived at the scene, irate de­mon­stra­tors were singing, de­mand­ing the re­lease of the teacher and her col­leagues who were kept in­doors for their own safety.

Pro­vin­cial Ed­u­ca­tion Di­rec­tor Mr Ed­ward Shumba, who went to the school to in­ves­ti­gate the mat­ter said he would en­sure that the learn­ing process con­tin­ued while all the is­sues were re­solved out­side the school sys­tem.

The girl, who can­not be iden­ti­fied be­cause of her age, ex­plains the ex­ploits of Satanists (Pic­ture by Ti­nayi Nyadzayo)

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