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The Manica Post - - Fashion & Beauty/Relationships/Dateline - Those look­ing for soul-mates, re­la­tion­ships and dates, text or What­sApp on 0734 231 306. You can also email on ed­i­to­rial@ man­i­ca­post.co. zw. No phone calls please.

I AM a man aged 60, HIV neg­a­tive, look­ing for a lady who is also neg­a­tive. She must have one child or two, be­low the age of 35. She must be pre­pared to live in the ru­ral area. Con­tact me on 0777 090 600

Thank you Dateline, through this pro­gramme I am now mar­ried. Those who were phon­ing and tex­ting me on th­ese num­bers 0771 621 526 /0737 428 902 may you kindly STOP, I am mar­ried now 0771 621 526

I am a man aged 47 and look­ing for a lady to hook up with aged 30-43, she must be HIV neg­a­tive and a work­ing class. 0713 993 490

I am a young lady aged 19 look­ing for a guy or a man with a child. He must be based in Man­i­ca­land and should be HIV neg­a­tive. 0775 567 721

Ndiri mukadzi ane makore 30 ndine vana vatatu ndine stand yangu, ndiri kutsvaga mu­rume ane makore 40 kusvika pa 48 ari se­ri­ous nezve­imba, arikuda zvekuroora, kwete tsotsi kwete ku­tamba asina mukadzi uye asina chir­were. Ndiri ven­dor, ndi­no­hodha nekutengesa. 0774 270 965

I am a 30-year- old guy look­ing for a lady aged 23 years and be­low. Only se­ri­ous ladies are wel­come. 0774 503 453 ***

Sin­gle work­ing lady aged 35 years wanted by a sin­gle fa­ther aged 45 for a se­ri­ous date. What­sApp on 0712 150 550

Hie Dateline, I am a sin­gle mother and I am look­ing for a man ready to set­tle down with. He must be 30 to 40 years of age. 0773 572 513

I am a 35-year- old male seek­ing un­mar­ried fe­male com­pan­ion aged be­low 35. 0777 401 365

Hie, I am a young lady aged 23 look­ing for a se­ri­ous guy who is ready to set­tle down. He must be a Chris­tian, a work­ing class, not a smoker. Call, text or What­sApp on 0778 614 505

Hie, I am a 38-year- old HIV pos­i­tive man with two kids look­ing for a se­ri­ous lady who re­sides in Mutare for a se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship which can lead to mar­riage. She must be aged be­tween 25 and 30 years and must be fi­nan­cially sta­ble. She should also be busi­ness-minded. 0713984021

I am a man of sober habits aged 36 look­ing for a sin­gle lady with one or two kids to have a last­ing re­la­tion­ship with. She should be aged be­tween 25 and 30. I am in Rusape. 0771 580 626

Hie Dateline, I am a guy aged 23 look­ing for a se­ri­ous lady to marry aged 18 to 22, What­sApp, text, call on 0773 826 395

Hie Dateline, I am a good guy aged 25 and I am look­ing for a se­ri­ous lady aged 24 and be­low. The per­son should be ma­ture and se­ri­ous about mar­riage 0774 735 808

Hello Dateline, I am a lady aged 36 with one child, look­ing for a man aged be­tween 40 and 50. The per­son should be em­ployed and sin­gle. 0774 521 158

Hie, I am a sin­gle fa­ther of one boy and I am 39 and look­ing for a good wife to marry around Zim­babwe, con­tact. 0775 344 790

I am a lady aged 29 look­ing for a hand­some guy to date. I have a child, text on 0714 118 321

I am look­ing for a man who is ready to get mar­ried. 0775 655 825

I am a guy aged 29 look­ing for a se­ri­ous woman to marry and she must be 30 years and be­low, I am based in Mutare. 0775 797 831

I am a young beau­ti­ful lady aged 20 look­ing for a guy who is car­ing and loving con­tact 0773 023 056 Look­ing for a girl­friend aged 18 and above, con­tact 0736 596 713

Am a 32-year- old sin­gle man HIV neg­a­tive who is look­ing for a 20 to 28 year- old woman to marry, call Tome from 6pm 0716 070 985

Hi, I am a man aged 37 look­ing for a sin­gle a lady to marry, some­body who is se­ri­ous, call or text on 0777 389 077

Hie guys, I am a lady 22 years look­ing for friends, con­tact. 0771173734

Hie Dateline, I am a 34-year- old man look­ing for a lady to set­tle down with, aged be­tween 22 years and 25 who is HIV neg­a­tive, smart hard-work­ing, fears God and I prefer­ably from Man­i­ca­land. She should have a child. She should be se­ri­ous about mar­riage and never been mar­ried be­fore. My con­tact num­ber is 0713 289 419

Hie Dateline. I am a 24-year- old

HIV neg­a­tive lady with two kids look­ing for a man to set­tle down with. I need some­one who is fi­nan­cially sta­ble with his own chil­dren, but sin­gle aged be­tween 30 and 40 years. He should be a res­i­dent of Mutare, call 0714 049 483

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